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Sharing the body of work that changed my Life!

Twin Flames Universe

The Full Story 


Jeff and Shaleia

A special congratulations to our very own Chrissy Kay, the first ever ***Certified Ascension Coach for Twin Flames Universe.***

There is a laundry list of /very/ rigorous standards to meet and a large crew of very qualified people working every day toward this goal. Chrissy was the first to attain this achievement.

Hats off to Chrissy and the brave women and men serving in the United States military who so naturally (but not without great effort) stand guard at all the corners of the Earth to lovingly protect our peace by being first in all they do. ~ Jeff and Shaleia, April 28 2019

This course was inspired by my Spiritual Leaders Jeff and Shaleia. My work is grounded in "The Way" they teach us in Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class. If you are not a member of Twin Flame Ascension School, I highly recommend you start your journey there by investing in yourself today. 

Group Coaching Class 

I will conduct one, 90 minute, group coaching class every Saturday at 2pm (1400hrs) EST. 

Class start date: 3 August 

Class Size: 11 people

Group Class Format:

Healing work with the mirror exercise! This group coaching class will focus on healing work!


We will review in order Jeff and Shaleia's body of work from start to finish.


Each week, we will review at least 2 classes. 

3 August we will start with: TFAS Wed 7pm Class #4 and Life Purpose Class #4. 

What you will receive: 

90 minutes of group coaching every week.
A system to stay on track and review the classes in order each week.
Quick links to classes 
Condensed class notes
Exercises to work on through the week
Additional TFU references that align with each lessons.
Recommended reading from Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover

Quick and easy access to all TFU! 

Stay on track with your spiritual education and receive one-on-one support from the very first TFU Certified Ascension Coach. 

Cost: $111.00 per month. Click here to join:

Pre-Requisite to join my Group Coaching Class:

TFAS All Class Pass Member

Life Purpose Class Member

Not a TFAS or LPC member? Refer me when purchasing TFAS and LPC and receive 1 month free in my group coaching class for each membership you purchase. 

If you fail to stay in good standing with your Twin Flames Universe membership, you will be immediately removed from my group coaching class and lose access to my class notes without a refund. 

Please enjoy my class notes for the first 6 Classes FREE

Group Class Starts

3 August 2019

TFAS W7 #1:

The one lesson of TFAS:

Love Yourself


TFAS Class Review: TFAS W7 #1

Book Review: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, & Chapter 5

Prep for Next Week:

Life Purpose Class #1: How to discover your purpose

Class Notes

The order of this class is Love. Love runs the class. Love is the teaching. As you do this work, you will find your Twin Flame is choosing the exact same thing as you. Relax sit back and enjoy the ride!

Union - You both know you are Twin Flames. Your Twin Flame is your ultimate teacher, friend, partner, and lover. You commit to each other and your union (girlfriend / boyfriend).


Harmonious Twin Flame Union - You are committed to yourself and your Twin Flame at the core for eternity. HTFU is a spiritual marriage.

There is only ONE tool you Need to come into Harmonious Twin Flame Union. It’s the Mirror Exercise.

You will be in Harmonious Twin Flame Union When: You finally have surrendered to all that you feel for your Twin Flame. When you finally surrender to the truth of who you are, when you finally allow love into every crevice of the center of your heart. When you finally seen yourself as 100% lovable and receiving love. In that moment you will have attained HTFU.

You will have your HTFU when you go to the ONE place you don’t want to go. That is where it is. Are you READY to Go THERE?  Peace never hurries and yet everything is accomplished. Every person has a specific “Meta” lesson for their TF journey. You can see it as it comes up again and again and again. Accept that it’s your journey. You will have MASSIVE experiences with this journey. That one thing will lead you all the way home.

Soul Family. God created all children like a field of flowers. Your soul family is all the other petals around you on the same flower. You are created and designed very similarly and designed to work together harmoniously on your purpose. Meaning your Divine gifts, your Divine expression, the expression of who you are at your core, your uniqueness, your individuality meshes perfectly and especially well with the members of your Soul Family. Your Soul family gives you a Boost on your Spiritual Work. This is only an inner journey an inner path resulting in Love within.

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energy. DM purpose is Giving. You can perceive the DM/DF energies when having sex. The DM gives the gift, the DF receives the gift. At the same time in being willing to receive the gift of the DM the DF is giving the gift. The DF is wrapping up the DM and holding it and loving it and supporting it and giving it in that way. That is how the DF gives. The DM receives by giving the gift and being able to relax in giving the gift. The DM giving - gives to the DF - the DF giving is receiving the DM and overflows with Love. The DF blossoms as the DM gives.

How do You Get Started on Your Twin Flame Journey?

Love Yourself

This is an inner Journey.

Life Purpose Class #1

 How to Discover Your Life Purpose


Life Purpose Class 1

Book Review: Chapter 7

Prep for Next Week:

Wed TFAS Class 2

Life Purpose Videos:

Are you living a meaningless, empty, and shallow life?

Life Purpose Exercise:

Create a Life Purpose journal. Answer the following question: What would I do, if I had infinite money, support, unlimited everything, what would I do? What brings you deep happiness and joy?

The Life Purpose Decree

I choose to live my full Life Purpose now.

I invite the full expression of my Divine being now.

I allow myself the awareness of my complete Life's Purpose now.

I invite the joyful discovery of my Soul's Design now.

I invite my Creator to show me the way to the total expression of my Life's Purpose now.

I am one with my Life's Purpose and I invite Jeff and Shaleia to show me greater depths of my being and my purpose now.

I choose to receive the full support of my life's purpose now.

And so it is.

Class Notes

Are you ready to live Free! How to Discover your Purpose. You are designed in a very specific way, your soul has a very specific design. You have the choice to embrace your design and live your life purpose, or not. SO many people are struggling to find their way to live by their design!


There is an opportunity for you here to CLAIM your Life Purpose and the Freedom you desire. The happiness, joy and wealth you desire. God created you with a purpose and the purpose is to be yourself with everyone around you. Some people are meant for large international audiences others are meant for small groups and families. We are all equal in God’s eyes. We are all equal but we are designed to be unique and equal in our own design.

“Master the Ability to stay Authentic to Myself” ~Catrina


Be clear on the gift you want to give. Make yourself available to those who would want to receive it.  Give it to those who ask for it. I am Divinely supported in giving my gift where it is called for.


The Deeper relationships I have with giving, the more support I’ll receive. I choose to live my full life purpose now.I invite the full expression of my divine being now. I allow myself the awareness of my complete life's purpose now. I invite the joyful discovery of my soul's design now. I invite my creator to show me the way to the total expression of my life's purpose now. I am one with my life's purpose and I invite Jeff and Shaleia to show me greater depths of my being and my purpose now. I choose to receive the full support of my life's purpose now. And so it is.


Give who you are to All and be supported by All.


TFAS Class Review: TFAS W7 #2

Book Review: Chapter 6 & Chapter 5

Prep for Next Week:

Life Purpose Class #2: How to discover your purpose

Twin Flame Exercise:

Create a Twin Flame journal. Identify cycles in your life that are not serving. How do you know when you are numbing out or feeling your feelings?

Twin Flame Videos:

What is the Purpose of Twin Flame Union

Twin Flame Numbing

Class Notes

Jeff and Shaleia started Class with a Meditation. If you Complete this Course, You Will be in Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Make your choice and move the direction of your choice. Every Journey has a beginning and an End. Remind Yourself and make that choice to be in HTFU with you True Twin Flame. Make the choice and never give up and you will have it. Talk to God first, share with God and as you do this and talk to yourself, your twin will arrive in your external.

What are you numbed out to? Choose to Feel Your Feelings Fully. Are you trying to get something from your Twin? As you Love your Twin and not try to get anything you are displaying Spiritual Mastery. The External follows the Internal. You have the Power to Change Your Life.

How do you keep moving forward with no external results with you Twin Flame? It’s about the internal feelings. You get result when the inner work is complete. The journey and the healing is the result. It’s taxing not to be happy. Don’t mistake your Twin Flame for God. God first, Always God First, then Yourself and then your Twin Flame. There’s only one Relationship in your Life and it’s with God. You are only ever having a relationship with God. You are only ever having a Relationship with God through Others to include Your Twin Flame. It’s only God you are ever with 100%.

What more can you Give to God? Never withhold from God, give Freely to Love itself Now. If you are withholding anything you are only preventing your progress into HTFU. As you enter your HTFU you are Called to Give More Love. Nothing ever changes asou move into HTFU. You have just moved into a deeper relationship with God. How are you Holding Back?

Empaths: Feeling other People’s Feelings. When you feel other people’s feelings, do you feel separate from them? Take responsibility for what you feel and go Deeper and use it as a tool to heal others. Set Healthy Boundaries. People will display co-dependency they will make that choice with or without you. Make a New Choice, it’s safe to change Your Life.

You have earned the right to be here. To hear our stories. You’ve earned it to be here with us. We will show you the way. Stay with us, heal with us, and come into you HTFU. Who Doesn’t want to be in Love. You are either Calling for Love or Expressing it.

Let go of what it looks like, what you think it’s suppose to look like for you or others. Just Love.

What is the Twin Flame Journey?

The Twin Flame Journey is one of Self Discovery, Radical Self-Acceptance, and Love.

Choose to Feel Your Feelings Fully


TFAS W7 #3

Prep for Next Week:

Life Purpose Class #3: How to spend your money

Twin Flame Exercise:

What are you true desires for your life? How do you Claim your Twin Flame?

Twin Flame Videos:

How twin flames can stop feeling Lost

Claiming your HTFU - A How to Guide

We are a Multiple Twin Flame Set, talking About Grace.

You need to come into your perfect love on your own. You must do it.

You are bound to others to include your soul family by choice. The only person on this planet you are truly bound to is your Twin Flame.

Class Notes

You need to come into your perfect love on your own. You must do it. No one can birth your baby for you. You can be guided, but ultimately your journey is yours. No one can do it for you, you must be ready for real love. We Love, Love, and Love to support it. We can walk you through it. If you stay here, you cannot possibly NOT come into HTFU. If you choose love, you will arrive. If you are NOT choosing love, you will vibrate out of Jeff and Shaleia’s reality. If you are moving into love, you cannot avoid you.

Are we bound to Soul Family members? No. That’s not the case. Understand you are two unique beings and you are not bound to each other by choice. You simply are Divine Beings who work really well together on Life Purpose work. It’s your choice what you do with that relationship and how you move forward. There’s incredible unconditional love in your Fam. You are bound to others to include your Soul Family by choice. The only person on this planet you are truly bound to is your twin flame.

I am done experiencing Hell, I am through with contrast, I refuse to explore the path of ego even one more second. I surrender indefinitely. I surrender unconditionally to Love itself. If you desire to go deeper in TFAS w/ J&S, be clear that you are ready to leave behind ego, leave behind your illusions and step into pure unconditional love. With commitment and faith you can achieve everything. There is no difference between knowing, and being, and having.

J&S discuss multiple Twin Flames and discuss their third Twin Flame, their daughter, Grace. The illusion was that everyone should base their life on their ultimate lover, that’s not always the case. Grace’s focus is on Family First.Grace is not bound to one soul. God’s lined up for many to have eternal lovers, she holds another role.

A fearful mind is not an attractive mind. Identifying patterns. True Love interrupts our patterns of fear. You will align into love into the truth. Only Love is Real and Love never Fails.  Don’t quit on yourself, don’t give up. What everyone else is choosing doesn’t matter. Always claim your good. Those who choose love, stick together and meld together very well. Everyone will choose.

What does it mean to surrender control for your HTFU? You can’t do it all, surrender to God. You know the next action. Simply love and move forward in love. Let Go and Let God. The truth of the Universe is it’s just you and God, that is the only relationship. Come to a place of peace with yourself and accept where you are in life. Your happiness matters. It’s all just love. Trust Love and find that place of peace all day and you will be in Love. Love Yourself and be Happy.


Just after a great challenge you experience your greatest triumphs. Claim your Twin Always, everyday, in every instant. Always Claim what’s yours constantly.

Life Purpose Class #2:

How to discover your Life Purpose


Life Purpose Class #2

Prep for Next Week:

TFAS W7#3: What you must give up to have your Harmonious Twin Flame Union

Life Purpose Exercise:

What is your Brand? How do you want to be Great? Are you getting any testimonials for your gift? Have you done research on your target market, what is the gift they really need?

Living your purpose requires enormous trust and faith in the Divine.

Always honor your commitments and honor your choice to feel good.

Be Loyal to giving your gifts. Every gift you give - you keep. Always be an employee of God.

Class Notes

Only work from a place of inspiration = Inspired Action. Never complete a task out of obligation and only make promises you will keep. Honor commitments. Concern yourself with giving your gift. Living your purpose requires enormous trust and faith in the Divine.

Start with where you are, even if its a tiny grain of your Life Purpose. Do what feels good, find out Who your Are inside. There are Markets for Everything you Do. Give who you are - not what you think people want. Be Loyal to giving your gift where it is called for. You are supported. Build Relationships first. Build Trust. God would never call you to move forward in giving  your gift and not support you in it.  Trust, have Faith and Move Forward. I demand to be supported, I will live my Life purpose or I will die.

The deeper relationship you have with giving, the more support you’ll receive. Be Loyal to giving your gifts. Every gift you give - you keep. Always be an employee of God. Anytime you give your gift, you expand your ability to give your gift. Don’t be Ashamed, don’t be Shy. Don’t be concerned about how you look, just give your gift. Work together and create a movement.

How to Move the Free Line. Provide a series of products for Free (YouTube videos, meditation CD first track is Free, First Recorded Classes are Free), move to inexpensive ($9.99 for the CD or $10.00 for the Ebook), to a deeper value product (ECourses - $79.00) it’s fabulous and you desire more. You are hungry for the work (Readings, $150 to $350), (TFAS Classes $125 a month). Build your trust with the client through a leveling up of Products. Give your gift for Free and as you gain a following, start charging. It’s not about “How much can I get, How much can I charge” - it’s about What is the minimum I can Charge? Charge the bare minimum.

God gave you a gift of life, you were designed a specific way. Give that Gift. The more you answer the call to give your gift the more support you will receive. No exceptions. Your Life Purpose is a Relationship with God.

Sales is a relationship. Selling is an enlightenment, bringing light to, increasing awareness about the value of something, a service,bringing the truth of the value that is actually there. Bring awareness of the beauty of the product or service you are selling. If people don’t see what you’re offering, you can’t charge them for it.  People will not pay for what they do not know, they will not pay for what is not perceived.  It’s not your customers job to communicate what you are selling. The value resulting from the gift that is you is priceless.

Life Purpose Class #3:

How to spend your money


Life Purpose Class #3

Prep for Next Week:

TFAS W7#4: Your Ultimate Guru

Life Purpose Exercise:

What is the next step to living your life purpose? What feels good in your heart? What are the next steps to getting what you desire and moving forward.

Life Purpose Videos:

The FREE Money Mastery Workshop

There is always only one voice speaking to you through consciousness, it’s the voice of God and you must answer the call and complete the task before you will move forward.

Your purpose is to serve, to give the gift that is you. The true Freedom you seek comes from Living your Life Purpose. It’s about going deeper into your relationship with God.

Class Notes

What is the purpose of your offerings? Why are you offering what you are offering? Making business choices that are based on authenticity and Divine guidance. They found a need and are answering the call with services based on their personal life experiences. They are developing a relationship with consciousness in regards to their purpose and answering the call  from consciousness through identifying a need and providing a service. There is always only one voice speaking to you through consciousness, it’s the voice of God and you must answer the call and complete the task before you will move forward. Complete what is on your plate.

Everyone Always wins when you live your Life Purpose. Let go of control and take your guided steps forward. God is only love, peace. As you move forward in the direction of Love and Peace you are there. It’s not more pressure that drives you, it’s the deep desire within. The more pressure you’re experiencing right now in your financial life, is because a greater desire within you to live your purpose.  

How do you spend money in a Way that is always an Investment? How do you know what to spend money on? Whatever you spend your money on, you should get more back in return. 1 unit of energy in, 10 units out anything less in return of energy put in is wasting your money.Ultimately spending money is about pleasing and Loving Yourself.  The more supported you are in giving your work, the more you are able to give to others.

  • Don’t Choose the “High”. You have limitless opportunity to invest in your eternal life. If you are doing something or spending money so you don’t feel uncomfortable - Not Good.

  • Choose to spend money; Invest in things that serve you the highest. Everything J&S do goes back to, Is this going to serve me in my purpose and support me in my performance? If you wait to make a Choice, things slow down.


Your Life Purpose is a Partnership with Life. The more you grow in your life purpose, the more everyone grows. Take a note from consciousness and build your business from the ground up. Allow it to naturally flow. It’s not about perfection, let the little stuff go. Screw it  Just do it!