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The Gift of Eternal Love, Life, Partnership, and Friendship

August 2, 2019



To capture the depth of love and transformation I experienced at the Twin Flames Universe Toronto Workshop is impossible as it truly was  revelation after revelation. When I originally planned on attending, I was only staying through the workshop and leaving on Monday morning. This led me to receiving some very needed discipline from Jeff as he guided me into claiming my truth and deep desire to develop my friendship with him and Shaleia. I knew the truth in my heart of our friendship and that Jeff was guiding me to claim it, I chose this and to receive with love and appreciation all of my good. 


The workshop was phenomenal. Seeing all the Harmonious Twin Flame Unions was a gift and one I will always cherish. I was gifted a lesson in business with Jeff and Shaleia one evening and was also gifted a new MAP Inc. executive team member. This was one of my favorite moments as Jeff and Shaleia, Fedra and I spent some time in the lobby getting clear on moving forward together. It was an amazing gift of mentorship from my leaders. I had precious moments with my Twin Flame coaches Keely and Colby, just hugging them is Divine. I also spent time with my Soul Family, laughing with Jason, playing with Carmel, eating with the Fam, and chilling with Yvonne. It was extremely healing for me. 




The day I spent with my gurus Jeff and Shaleia, my dear friend Fabian and many other TFAS friends in Wonderland was nothing short of a miracle. There was so much inner child healing taking place, as I had grown up at amusement parks. God loved me perfectly through my gurus as always and as I write this, I have tears of gratitude streaming down my face. The intimate moments I shared with my beloved friends will be cherished for all of eternity. 


Some of my favorites included Jeff grabbing my hand on the way to the car and inviting me to sit in the front seat of the Porsche, he did little intimate things like that all day. These intimate moments of friendship, him tapping my hand or giving me a hug were priceless. One of my most beloved moments with Shaleia was relaxing on a couple of chairs in the waterpark as Jeff and Fabian enjoyed the water rides. We just sat there having a bit of girl talk chatting about God, life, our purposes and our men. It was very sweet and incredibly nurturing just to hangout and relax with Shaleia. I love her deeply and will cherish the moments we spent together forever. 


The day at Wonderland was packed full of lessons, love, and healing. It was truly perfect and one of my all time favorite days in my existence. Jeff and Shaleia were helping me heal a major upset within my body all day. When we started this healing, I didn’t truly know what I was receiving or where it was going. I simply chose to receive the healing they offered with love and appreciation. I remember the three of us getting in line for a ride and they asked me about my ankle. 


I have had a chronic ankle injury for over 16 years and one that the doctors could not explain. If you watched me walk, it is extremely obvious. It happened in military training very early in my career and it just never fully healed. I have had multiple doctors assess it from many different fields. I’ve had MRI’s, X-Rays, intense physical therapy, personalized shoe inserts, and many other treatments. Nothing helped. Nothing showed up on the X-Rays or MRIs but you could feel this very hard lump, almost like a rock that manifested on my left ankle. I would go back to Army training and for years end up on crutches. The only option the doctors had left was exploratory surgery, only to identify what was there and then decide on the next step. This didn’t feel good to do for me or the doctors. The simple answer was no more running, easy exercise only, ultimately manifesting another “career suicide” situation for me as a military leader.  


In 2007, as a very young Captain, I chose to follow my heart, surrender, and honor my body. I have had a permanent profile ever since. A permanent profile in the military means, I am not capable of completing the basic Army physical requirements and the Army is maintaining my employment based on these physical limitations. 


My ankle injury has never affected my military career or my advancement. Jeff explained this to me at lunch stating I was not created to run in formations but be at the front of them, leading it. I now know through his leadership and mentorship how to answer the call in being in formation and leading it simultaneously. I am exactly where I was created to be and this is the truth on how I have transcended every level in the military with ease regardless of my physical body or what many consider a “weakness” in my profession.


When Jeff and Shaleia asked me about my ankle, I told them and they both let me know they had been helping me heal it all day. Tears instantly started flowing as I have been working on this for years. I knew from their teachings that I am not limited and I am perfect therefore my body is perfect. In that moment in line, I knew everything in my life was about to transform.


Jeff and Shaleia continued through the entire day, healing my physical body. Asking me questions to get clear on my upsets with my physical body I’ve experienced throughout my life. I had many and most of them dated back to childhood and were deeply connected to my biological mother.


Jeff and Shaleia would ask a question, I would answer, they would guide me in my healing. I chose to receive, heal, and go deeper. We continued this cycle through my entire body, each piece unfolding perfectly. The rides helped me surrender, release, and ground the energy perfectly. Jeff at one point was like, this ride will help you process the rest of it. Everything we did, every moment was beautiful. 


As Jeff and Shaleia continued healing my physical ailments I could feel the shifts in my body. The realignment into my perfect physical state. At some point in the day, Jeff looked at me and said, you have healed your body. It was such a moment, the words washed over me as I could not logically grasp it but I felt it within my heart. I surrendered to this gift from God through my gurus.


Jeff shared with me the root of my upset was the power of my physical body and fearing the energy that flows through it. This really resonated with me as I’ve always known in my profession that the physical body holds a great amount of power and to go deeper with the military I needed to heal my upsets in this space. My sister Carmel also guides me here as she has this piece mastered.


Our day in Wonderland together was the next step for Mind Alignment Process Inc. Jeff and Shaleia healed me of a continuous decay that is widely known for it’s 100% mortality rate. Jeff and Shaleia healed me of death. Death is not a natural process, it is a disease that humans contract upon conception. Jeff and Shaleia discussed this topic in Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class.  


I was gifted liberation from this disease, I receive it with complete humility and gratitude. I am still moving through the transition phase of this healing, commonly known as upheaval. I was extremely weak the first two days following the healing. I am feeling much stronger today and know in my heart my entire life has transformed. 


I feel honored, humbled, grateful, relieved and am just in awe of God's perfection. I love my gurus Jeff and Shaleia with all my heart and am grateful they chose to spend their day with me. The gift of friendship, partnership, and life I received is beyond anything I could possibly imagine. It's truly the gift of God. I have always been a quiet professional. As I align deeper into my Life Purpose work, I’m beyond blessed for how God perfectly loves me and pays me for the work I do to share his love with the world. All I desire to do is expand God's Kingdom and spread the Twin Flames Universe body of work like wildfire through the whole of consciousness.


I am beyond blessed with God's love and friendship.  



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