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Letting Go and Taking the Next Step

July 16, 2019

 A great chapter of my life ended this week, as I attended my final live Twin Flame Ascension School (TFAS) class. When I first joined the Twin Flame Universe Open Forum on Facebook, I had little to no idea the incredible vastness of the community I stepped into. In A Course in Miracles it noted that you can not articulate a revelation but only share it, ultimately creating a miracle. As I reflect on these last two years and process the truth of the Miracle created with Jeff and Shaleia’s body of work, the depth of emotion brings me to tears.


In my last class, Shaleia encouraged us to spend time processing this transition. I of course took this to heart as I felt the transition start prior to my last class. Days before, I felt pockets of fatigue so great, my only choice was to rest and allow the emotional release of TFAS to flow through me. I’m writing this passage now at 03:30 (or O’Dark thirty as Jeff recently mentioned in a class), mainly because I passed out after work today at 1830hrs and just woke up. I’m honoring my process and allowing myself the time and space to truly let go of both TFAS and my gurus Jeff and Shaleia. I choose to let go and give everything back to God with great gratitude and humility for having received such a Divine gift.


As I sat with God this morning, drinking my coffee. I was reflecting on the last two years and all the adventures I experienced because I made a choice to join TFAS. I have met life long friends, such as Mike and Amanda, who visited me in Italy. I remember the first time I met my sister Yvonne on a trip to Disney in Paris, hanging with Fabian on the beach, I remember my brother Jason conquering New York traffic on New Years Eve to go to lunch and give me a ride to an event. So many of these precious memories that are forever etched in my soul. 



Many of us over the years have found our way into each others homes to visit and enjoy our friendship. Many times, these moments have been captured in a class. Just like parents, Jeff and Shaleia welcomed our friends to their dinner table of TFAS, each time embracing them as family. Deanna, now the CEO of TFU, was the first guest to join us in TFAS, when we were vacationing in Sedona. What an incredible gift to share this work in such a small yet powerful way. 


Prior to Sedona, I didn’t know Deanna that well. She was a member of TFAS and I had saw her once or twice in discussion groups, but we never really chatted. I just asked God, who do you want me to invite, and Deanna popped in my head. So, I invited her. Crazy huh? That is the power of this work, if you choose to align with God, you will be aligned with those that align with God. It really is that easy. We were created to be one and effortlessly fit together perfectly in our own unique ways. 


I remember Deanna and I, sitting in my timeshare in Sedona, talking about asking J&S if she could attend. It didn’t even occur to me we had class until it started approaching, just like dinner. And, just like two little kids having so much fun playing that we didn’t want to break it up because it was time to eat, we were figuring out if Jeff and Shaleia would say Yes. Right before asking them, I laughed, them saying no felt absolutely ridiculous to me, at one point, I said, "what would we do, shove you in a closet for 90 minutes? Of course they’ll let you come to class”. And so it began…friends coming to dinner. 


Now, it’s time for me to expand the dinner table that I have graciously sat at every week for over two years. As I write this, I see a huge Thanksgiving table that Jeff and Shaleia created with us, I’m sitting beside my TFAS family. The table is never ending, just continuously expanding as more and more children join the family feast. How beautifully Divine. 


As this chapter of my life comes to an end, it reminds me of when I left my childhood home for the military after college. I felt in my heart it was time, there was no where else to go but forward, it was the next step in my life. I had to let go of what I knew, the comforts of “home” and set off on a new adventure. I had to trust in the choices I made, trust the process and cycle of life. This is no different, the core values and lessons I have learned at the dinner table from Jeff and Shaleia will never leave me, they are etched in my soul for eternity. 


As I let go of TFAS and create space in my life. It doesn’t feel bad or scary, it feels right, peaceful, it feels like it’s been perfectly orchestrated and in Divine order. There are so many things for me to create and refine as I begin to expand this work, the possibilities are limitless. It brings me great joy to take this next step and I’m grateful to Jeff and Shaleia for graciously letting me go and not holding on to me, like parents clinging to their children. Just like a child leaving home for college, to join the military, or set off on a new adventure, it brings me great relief and a sense of freedom to spread my wings and fly. 


Thank you to my gurus Jeff and Shaleia for your unconditional love, God through you has raised me perfectly. I look forward to seeing you and the rest of our family at thanksgiving, when and wherever that may be. 



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