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Living my Purpose - Army Strong. Committing to Honesty

June 29, 2019



“Strong foundations are built on trust, honesty, truth, and shared awareness. Strong foundations are built on true love”.  ~Jeff and Shaleia 



I spent this week grounding into my new duty station and although most of it was an absolute joy. I did experience contrast as well. I also “fell” into a couple of old patterns that instantly felt awful to me. As I spent time working my inner process and healing in these areas, I realized although this is not a new place or unit I am entering, it is a new experience.


One theme I continued to experience this week was choosing the lie or choosing to lie. Wow, do people lie a lot! Many also tend to turn their heads away from a minor infraction or something that is a standard but it’s “not that big of a deal” or test the leader to see if they will enforce the standard with some form of confrontation. This energy builds and creates complete toxicity that requires great leadership, love, discipline and time to dissolve in an organization. In the military, people turn their heads the other direction a lot. 


I too fell into this trap throughout my life, especially in the military, and even this week. I asked myself, why did I do that? I do not choose it. I only choose honesty and am committed to living an honest and pure life. So why did I do it? Why did I lie about something so easy, simple, and authorized.


I broke this down piece by piece with what I observed or was presented with this week, my own actions, and throughout my life. The answer at the end of the day was the same, in every situation, I thought lying was easier. 


I fed the illusion that it was easier to cut the corner, to tell them what they wanted to hear, to not address the problem, to not deal with the confrontation or person, or implement the solution. 


The illusion was, it’s easier to avoid the truth and cut the corner. As I went deeper with this more unfolded throughout the week about my organization and some of the employees. The “issues” we are having and why they are so happy I am here because they know I have a reputation of maintaining standards. They know I will confront the issues with compassion and love while always taking care of the person, the warrior, and the unit.


Every time I went "digging" to identify the root of the issue, someone, somewhere along the way chose to lie or turn their head the other direction when they observed an infraction and a new standard was created on an unstable foundation. 


It was everywhere.


It takes great courage to live a pure life in this world. It requires discipline and a steadfast approach in all areas of life. For me, it’s the only way I choose to live. Honesty is a fundamental component to creating an eternal foundation.


I feel as though I have been tested this last week. I was consistently presented with the opportunity to lie or turn my head the other way. Some invitations to lie seemed so easy and natural, I fell for one. I handled every situation but one in complete honesty. 


The one instance I did not choose honesty, I lied, I was the one being directly affected instantly. I instantly lost. I knew I was going to lose the instant I chose it. So, why did I choose to lie? I convinced myself it would be easier, faster and worth it. I have lost a great deal of hours on this pattern and can tell you personally, it’s 100% not easier, faster, or beneficial in any way.


Choosing to live a pure life aligns you into purity. You are naturally protected and grounded in a promise for the future.  


I feel this week has provided me the test I needed to fail in order to align into a deeper awareness in the power of truth and committing to honesty throughout my entire life. 


I feel great relief as I choose to go deeper into truth and know I will be tested. I welcome and embrace the opportunity to commit to complete honesty and be completely free. I desire a strong and unstoppable foundation aligned in unconditional love. I am confident I can meet each challenge that arises in my life with complete and total truth resulting in ultimate peace. 



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