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December 5, 2018




I have recently discovered my previous spiritual mentors were not aligned in Love but spiritual abuse and control. I have been taking some time today to reflect on my interaction with them and cleanse my Blog of endorsing their work. It has been a great reflection of my journey in this community. I am not done yet, but one particular entry stopped me in my tracks and brought me to tears of gratitude for Jeff and Shaleia. 


I wrote it last August and I was reflecting on a time when Jeff and Shaleia called me to discuss my Life Purpose. I was not moving forward with it regardless of my efforts and I thought they were going to yell at me and end our relationship.


As I got on the line, Jeff said, I just wanted to call and love you, How are you? Shaleia walked into the room, said hello and turned to Jeff, “what are we doing”. 


Jeff responded: We are just taking some time to love Chrissy. 


I remember it like it was yesterday. It’s one moment of countless times I have had personal one-on-one time with Jeff and Shaleia since I came to my beloved spiritual community Twin Flames Universe


Not once did my previous spiritual mentors ever call me to love me. Or take time with me outside of paid sessions to help me. 


I was talking to God and asked, why did this happen? What is the overall purpose? Why me? There is always a purpose for everything you do.


A couple of things were brought to my attention.


I am extremely loyal in my relationships, especially those I hold close. I always have been and I communicate my loyalty and I'm very generous to those in my life. Since I have joined TFU, my loyalty has aligned with Love and those that have shown me the way to Loving God, Myself, my Twin and others. 


I was guided to them for mentorship on my TF Journey by Jeff in my first TFAS Class. I asked God, why? What was the purpose?


Answer: God knows I will always choose Love. I will always choose the leader aligned in Love. I have always done this in my career regarding my Soldiers, there is no difference here in my spiritual community.  


I desired to know the larger lesson. As I sat in reflection, some very simple awareness came to light.


I was not harmed in this experience, in ANY WAY. Only Love is Real. I was Divinely protected on every step of this journey. This was my first thought, and I completely agreed.


I was also VERY aware of their blocks and upsets with Jeff and Shaleia. I watch every TFAS and LPC Class. I am a keen observer of others actions. I knew. I also knew they were not making a new choice regardless of the time spent with them to heal and release their control patterns.


J&S were always very open with me in our partnership and I was aware and I felt the dissonance between them and I didn't like it. It was uncomfortable.


I also felt my time with them was not done yet. I would check in with God and Always get "keep going". I go ALL IN with everything I do. There is no, "I'll dip my toes in and check it out". I do not learn that way. 


I have an extensive history of abuse in all it's forms since childhood. I was physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and financially abused by family, boyfriends, terrorists, and co-workers.


So, Why Me? All these facts were flooding through, but I had yet to get clear with God on my answer. 


Why did J&S spend HOURS on Skype calls with me for Free. Why? What was the purpose, God at any time could have unveiled them for who they truly were and the same result would have happened. I didn't understand it.


My question to God became very clear: Why did I fall into the hands of a spiritual predator? 


A predator is defined as a person who ruthlessly exploits others.


The Answer: I was an easy target to a spiritual predator. I am incredibly innocent. I had a history of abuse, PTSD, and was seeking relief and a new way of life. I knew NOTHING of spirituality prior to finding Twin Flames Universe. I was completely and 100% susceptible to falling into the grasp of a spiritual predator. 


As this sunk in, I instantly wondered. Why do I not feel harmed in any way?


I feel at peace, relieved, free. 


The Answer: I was completely and 100% Divinely Protected throughout the entire experience. I was protected by God through Jeff and Shaleia and the Twin Flames Universe Community. So, I could experience this safely and discern between those who choose to love aligned with God and those choosing to abuse and control. 


As I reflected on this: I was the poster child for it. I am exactly like all the people entering into our community that the Twin Flame Coaches are reaching out to. 


How many are seeking love? How many deeply desire for the support this beloved community has to offer those who are suffering? Those who have tried everything and are looking for the slightest change to transform their shitty lives? 


I have such incredible compassion for them because I WAS them. I WAS a person who fell into the wrong hands. Who did not receive the Love I deeply desired and was seeking from my previous spiritual mentors.


I have had my entire community and almost every Twin Flame Coach reach out to me over the last 24 hours to support me and Love me through this.


I appreciate the support from my spiritual family but I am completely supported by God and my Spiritual Teachers Jeff and Shaleia. 


If I could share anything with our Twin Flame Coaches about my experience - Please LOVE YOUR LEADS. When you contact them, you are contacting me. The person I was prior to this community. I was hurting, I was in deep pain, trauma, and suffering in depths most cannot imagine. I was innocent and seeking relief, seeking Love. 


I at the time was over 75 grand in debt and I would have paid anything for an ounce of love. 


Take the Love you have so graciously offered me and give it to your Leads. Give it to those hurting and seeking support in this transition. 


I was without a doubt one, of if not the closest, TFU client to Anne and Catrina's work. There are posts popping up everywhere of my experiences with their work and endorsing them. Yet, I am not worried one bit of J&S kicking me out of this community. 


That is absolutely absurd for one reason. I choose to Align with God. If I align with God and do my spiritual work to maintain alignment with my Creator - I will align with all those that make that same choice. 


Aligning with God is my number one core value. How do I define God? 


God is the good feeling in every moment of my life. That moment I feel peace, I feel satisfaction, I feel love - that is God. When I am focused on my purpose, in the flow of life and completely present, that feeling of satisfaction - that is God. The perfection of the universe, the perfection and balance of all there is - that is God.

The way that my lover looks at me, that is God. God is what feels THAT good. God is within. There is only one time to choose God and it is now because now is all there is. I value my relationship with God and place it at the center of my life.


I found God through Jeff and Shaleia's Body of Work. They have brought me Home. Honoring Divine Guidance and THE WAY shown to me by God through Jeff and Shaleia is another one of my core values.


As I have worked through this, it has been in complete peace because my foundation has been laid. My union with God in my life purpose work is grounded. I'm grounded in my core values with God. There is nothing that will shake me in living my purpose. I am willing to fiercely protect my Life and the Lives of Others with Love. 


The heart of a warrior is true, and filled with love for that which it seeks to protect. Warriors protect life itself. A true warrior is one who does not fight, but instead stands strong in its willingness to love, unrestrained by fear. ~ Jeff and Shaleia


I will always do everything in my power to protect my harmonious twin flame union because that is the purpose of life. I honor life itself and know that my twin flame and I chose life together as one Divine creation. I also choose to embrace Divine protection, because I am one with my Creator. I know whatever arises in my reality is to take me deeper into love.


If I could share anything from this experience with others wondering if they should invest into Jeff and Shaleia's Body of Work. DO IT! 


Make the Choice to Stop suffering and transform your life today.

If you are reading this and have not signed up for a Free Consultation from Twin Flames Universe. Do it Now! 


The Twin Flames Universe community is Divinely Protected and Regardless of what arises, you will learn, you will have the opportunity to choose love and find peace in your life.


I am living proof - You are SAFE here and LOVE NEVER FAILS! 


Next Chapter



Please reference the Glossary for terms and resources. 


*If you are inspired and choose to deepen your relationship with Love by joining TFAS or Life Purpose Class - I invite you to refer me, Chrissy Kay, at time of purchase. You will receive 4 weeks of FREE coaching in my live group coaching class. Check it out here











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