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Living my Life Purpose, Army Strong, Staying on the Divine Edge of Creation

October 17, 2018


This last week or so, I have been checking in on my assignment. I remembered a lesson on completeness in Life Purpose Class (LPC #45): Complete one step at a time. You won’t know your next step until you complete the first one.


I have been operating on this but it is also extremely important to see the entire task to completion. The task in front of me is completing all the requirements for my new job and assignment. These are two different things. This new job completely supports me in moving forward with the M.A.P. research and I feel is the "gateway" to M.A.P. taking off and us moving up to the next level. 


I cannot be distracted by other shit. All I see in my future in regards to work is the Mind Alignment Process. That is it. It is all I desire to do and it's all I see. 


Last week, I called my branch and asked them about my timeline. I was still tracking my date to leave Italy was in July, 2019. I had not heard back from them after multiple calls, and emails. So, I escalated the energy to meet them where they live. I literally asked if I had to drop my military separation paperwork as I was not receiving a response and did not intend to leave Italy at this time. I am ALL IN on my LP!


BOOM, instant response.


My branch had ALREADY extended my assignment in Italy to 2020 without any paperwork. They just did it upon my request and kinda forgot about me. This DOES NOT happen! This is a HUGE MIRACLE! 


My branch manager said  "I don't have you as a mover in this rotation, I just need your paperwork. I know your heart is in your project, your file is extremely competitive and staying in Italy one more year will not change that. It is beneficial to us as well so this is a no brainer"


We have been talking a great deal about my journey in TFAS, for this move to just HAPPEN. It brings incredible relief to me and my union as my twin is here in Italy. This also gives me the time to complete Phase 1 in M.A.P. and be in phase 2 by the time my next assignment shift is up for review. By this time, I will also be promotable to LTC, my next rank. I do not feel I will be meeting ANY resistance once M.A.P. starts.


Jeff also checked in with me this week to see how everything was going and confirmed he is 100% in support of me and ready to move to the next step. 


As I processed this, I realized the DM is completely in support of me in all areas of my life. As I chose to relax into this, I got practice. 


As I stepped into this new awareness at work. I encountered a "Power" struggle in regards to a super random area at work. Someone felt they were not being supported throughout the entire headquarters on a project and turned in names to a general officer, my name included. This was a DICK move and just pissed off everyone. As I was completely supporting the team the entire time and one of the only people present, I went straight to the source and with a matching energy addressed the situation in complete love. He profusely apologized and went to my superiors correcting the misunderstanding. It was a DICK move, therefore in love, I treated a dick like a dick! 


My direct supervisor, also from the same country as this individual, found it funny. See, my office runs very smoothly when I am happy. When I make a choice, the entire office follows. Without me even realizing it, it just happens. They just looked at him with a shrug and communicated "don't piss off Chrissy". There was a big lesson in this experience for me. This individual was being completely supported, he just didn't feel supported because of what support looked like to him in his head. I have been transcending this illusion of not being supported. I am completely supported in every area of my life. As I experienced this energy, I realized how powerful I am as a DF leader. It felt amazing and everything felt really, really easy. 


I also acknowledged in this last week where I was calling in support and was not being met 100% with support. I chose to go 100% in this area and provided loving discipline to some and let go of others. I am now calling in MY perfect support for my house (cooking, cleaning, shopping). I know that person exists because I do not desire to do any of that stuff and have the abundance flow to be completely supported in this area. 


Something else that I realized is going deeper into communicating with those I'm working with. This is a pattern I have experienced in just about every job. I am truly appreciated for all the stuff I do. What usually upsets those I worked with in the past is I do not always communicate clearly I am doing whatever it is that needs to be done. I just do it and when something shifts, it's obviously because of the work I did to create the shift. Jeff pointed this out when he reached out to me this week, the importance of communicating and providing updates in regards to completing the task and moving us forward. 


There was a pattern here of tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. I went deeper into it and sped it up but there was more clean up there. Just because things are getting easy, does not mean I don't do them. Staying at the edge of co-creating with God is doing everything required of me in the moment. As I choose to do that - I've felt myself in this energy. It's like an energetic vortex or zone I feel as I'm completing the step in front of me. There is no where else to go but that space, that is my edge of co-creating with the Divine. 


Next Chapter



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