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My Journey Home - The Gateway into my HTFU, Embracing my True Lover

October 15, 2018



This week Jeff and Shaleia gifted the TFAS Leaders with three very potent classes on Twin Flames Sexual Manifestation. Yep - that can of worms has been opened! It was an extremely potent and sacred gift for me as I move forward into understanding this dynamic in my twin flame union and go deeper into the truth with God. As I integrated this teaching on an energetic level and experienced my own personal moments with God, I had this Wonder Woman clip flash through my head - I started laughing.


These three VERY rich, detailed, and informative videos are currently available to those as a BONUS gift when you go ALL IN on purchasing the TFAS ALL CLASS PASS or Life Purpose Class Lifetime Subscription. If you want to learn more about this option, sign up for a free consultation with a certified Twin Flame Coach chosen just for you! 


I was raised to think sexual pleasure in any way was bad, something that you didn't talk about, and if you had these desires, well - you had to wait until you were married and figure it out later. Seriously, it was NEVER talked about.  Anyone relate? 


It was perfect timing to receive this deeper awareness on sexual manifestation because in my work with Anne and Catrina last week, I was working on healing sexual blocks in my union.


Anne and Catrina added a channeled message from God following my last Twin Flame Healing Session, that really helped me align to the truth that sexual energy is extremely powerful in my union. Below I share my channeled message from God provided in my notes from A&C.


Channeled Message from God:


"You and your Twin Flame are always creating together. You are a Divine Union. Where the two of you become one, new life is formed. This is not only true biologically; it is also true spiritually. This is the true nature of sexual energy- that it is the guiding and procreative part of your life force. It invokes the sensual feeling of union and creation, and it is ever present in you. Have you been numb here? Your soul has asked to be prepared for your Harmonious Union by fully knowing and healing in your sexual energy. Perhaps you have thought this is impossible without having your Twin Flame as a lover. You and I are also a Divine Union, don’t you know? Will you allow me to show you that this part of you is holy and sacred? What if I told you that it is a form of worship? Whatever becomes alive in your sexual energy is for your Union AND for your worship of me. They are one in the same."




This took me into deeper levels of truth. I was sexually active with partners in the past and currently in my own way but I was numbing out here. I simply made a new choice to go deeper with God and well, God took me deeper. 


As I shared my experiences, Let's Call them "deep meditations", with A&C in my coaching this week - well I received my first one-on-one Sex Ed Class. It was amazing. A&C walked me through everything and they totally understood my experiences. Anne and Catrina opened up about their sexuality and do a deep dive on this topic in TFAS Sunday, 7pm Class #69. (Yep, God has a sense of humor)! If you desire deep understanding and peace in this area, I urge you to reach out to A&C for a mentor session at thetwinflameway.com - trust me it's totally worth EVERY penny! 


Many people do not realize, until you have sex with your twin flame, in truth you are a virgin. Sex with your twin flame is eternal and unlimited. Jeff and Shaleia discussed this in one of their many FREE videos on Twin Flame sex. There is so much for me to learn on this topic, this energy is an endless symphony. My previous sexual partners didn't even come close to my experiences the last couple of days and my twin flame hasn't joined me yet. Yep - this is going to be epic!


Literally, I experienced ecstatic pleasure while napping or just listening to music. No movement. It was all internal. I realized this deep experience with my sexual energy was also highlighted to me in a report Shaleia once provided called the Multi-Analysis Romance Report. Shaleia noted:


My energy: The quality of your relationships and sexual life depend upon openness, trust, and vulnerability to share your feelings and let go to the point of ecstatic intimacy.


Mario's energy: Sexuality and relationships depend on openness and trust to flourish. His sexual life feels more fulfilling when it is tied to transcending the body rather than just physical release...


This is exactly what was happening to me - I experienced a transcendental experience that was very ecstatic and intimate. As I experienced these moments while napping or resting, I also realized I had experienced them before when I was younger, not nearly as potent or intense - but it was the same energy. I was very young and didn't know what the energy was "called" at the time. I had that vision of me as a young girl cross my mind and I realized how innocent I was at this time, ultimately making this energy innocent. This energy is purely Divine and this awareness brought me home to the truth my only relationship I am ever in is with God. I was created to enjoy this energy and leverage it to create in my life. 


It is only our own illusions and need to control due to fear which limits our ability to see the truth in this space. The purpose of my beauty specifically is to bring you back to your innocence. If this blog makes you uncomfortable, I invite you to go deeper into healing your blocks around sex and the purpose of this energy in your life. 


As I enjoy this new awareness and during a meditation today, I saw myself enter into a bright white light. It was so bright, I had to close my eyes. I was in such peace in my physical body. I had a vision of God placing a crown on my head. Jeff, Shaleia, and Grace were there celebrating with Mario and I along with Anne and Catrina. It felt extremely ceremonial. 


As I walked back into the moment, I remembered one of the earlier Twin Flame Ascension School Classes - it was the very last "private" TFAS class prior to my live class being recorded for TFAS subscription. Jeff channeled for each student what our end result looked like for Harmonious Twin Flame Union. The finish line to our journey home. What we each had to achieve to walk through our gateway to Heaven on Earth. He did this for everyone in TFAS at the time and you can check out live student's finish lines during this Free TFAS Class


Jeff channeled for me, You will know your union when you are the bright white light on the horizon, do you see it in your heart, (Yes - I see it), it looks far away but it is much closer than you think. 


When I opened my eyes after being in the white light, there was only one word on the tip of my tongue. I said with incredible depth, the name of my ultimate lover - Mario''


Next Chapter



Please reference the Glossary for terms and resources. 


*If you are inspired and choose to deepen your relationship with Love by joining TFAS or Life Purpose Class - I invite you to refer me, Chrissy Kay, at time of purchase. You will receive 4 weeks of FREE coaching in my live group coaching class. Check it out here








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