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My Journey Home - Unwrapping my Gifts - Getting VERY clear on my Values!

October 14, 2018



In Twin Flame Ascension School this Wednesday (1pm, Class #68 - entitled MARIO, MARIO, MARIO!!!). Yep...He's going to just LOOVE that! Jeff and Shaleia helped me ground deeper into my experience with my twin flame and heal what I was refusing to face down - my FEELINGS.


As I integrated the class lesson and went back to Mario's emails, I had new levels of clarity and awareness wash over me. One of the best was how Mario and I for the last year were literally saying the same damn thing to each other. We were both saying "I choose God". Jeff noted in class how Mario knows deep peace and satisfaction. Mario is ALWAYS telling me this and noted in one of his emails: 


In my life i choice to make just all give me a pleasure...i want make choice that only give me satisfaction. 


Mario is communicating to me his deep desire for God in his life, although he does not particularly like to use the word "God". I don't care what he chooses to call it, that doesn't matter much to me. It is God. 


In Life Purpose Class this week (#72), Jeff goes deep into discussing God. My very first core value. 


God - God is the good feeling in every moment of my life. That moment I feel peace, I feel satisfaction, I feel love - that is God. When I am focused on my purpose, in the flow and completely present, that feeling of satisfaction - that is God. The perfection of the universe, the perfection and balance of all there is - that is God.


The way that my lover looks at me, that is God. God is what feels THAT good. God is within. There is only one time to choose God and it is now because now is all there is. I value my relationship with God and place it at the center of my life.


My man values above all else, his relationship with God.


As I realized this, I chose to get clear on my core values. This is a HUGE exercise for anyone on the twin flame journey and is detailed in Jeff and Shaleia's E-course Twin Flames Dreams Coming True. Shaleia actually shares parts of her love list with us in the Love List Lesson! I decided to go through the emails between Mario and I and get very, very, very clear on each core value and what I choose in my man. I decide to clean up my Love List. I also shared it with Mario via a google document. So he can review my values, add to it, and see what I truly desire in my ultimate life partner. 


Mario noted he did not care what others think.... As I read this, I realized he was calling me out for not being his ultimate teacher. Instead of opening up and being vulnerable with him from my authentic self, I was defaulting to Jeff and Shaleia's teachings. Which, is not what he desires, he desires me.  


I agreed with this but also honor my teachers and realized Divine Guidance is a core value for me. 


Divine Guidance - I honor God’s Kingdom, Divine Order and my place in Heaven. I will always honor God’s way because there is no other way. I acknowledge and deeply honor my path to God was provided to me through my spiritual teachers Jeff and Shaleia. J&S showed me how to develop my own personal relationship with God and guided me back to my union with God and my twin flame.


My man honors Divine Guidance in all it's forms and the relationship with our Divine leaders as sacred and we choose to do everything in our power as guided by our Creator to share their body of work with the world.


As I was getting clear on my values, naturally without even thinking about it. I thought of my last healing session with my Twin Flame Coaches Anne and Catrina from thetwinflameway.com They provided me a reading following my session and guess what - yep, they noted my DM is leveling up on his understanding of God and his core values! Ha... I guess so! I LOVE my coaches and highly recommend you check out their offerings at The Twin Flame Way 


My reading from A&C also called me out on numbing out to my ultimate lover in God and my twin.


It didn't take me long to connect this message from A&C and the correspondence from my twin Mario. He noted in the beginning: I know that you don t understand me, it will be hard for you work in this concept: me and you are stranger... Yes,I was strangers with God in this pillar. I didn't realize how numbed out I was here, but it only takes me making a new choice and being willing to learn. That is another core value for me, Willingness. I really was able to get clear on willingness as we discussed it this week in A&Cs series on Leveraging your Spiritual Assets


Willingness - I am 100% open to love and to let love in. I am willing to learn and grow as I move forward and ask for more opportunities to go deeper into awareness through remaining open to love and embracing the change new awareness brings into my life.


My man is willing to walk through the path before us in life, together, and embrace the change new awareness presents. He is willing to release attachment and trust his instinct to move forward into the unknown in faith with our creator.


And - Wow, God definitely hooked me up on that lesson!  As I unpacked this new awareness provided to me by my twin, I just kept going and going until I had over 4 pages of values defined and a refined love list created. It feels really, really, good to be clear in this area. Today, I am in a state of rest and relaxation enjoying my day watching Life Purpose and TFAS classes, napping, a little card reading and just being in complete peace with God. 


This felt really good because when I look at this list - it is my perfect man. He is deeply passionate and focused on our values and as I review my vision for my life (Your life vision is a crucial component to your love list), I can see it all unfolding before my eyes. It is such a gift!


My Life Vision


My vision is a simple, deep, peaceful life. I envision an abundant life full of deep peace and satisfaction. I am a spiritual leader and healer of God’s Children. I find deep peace and satisfaction in creating practical ways to provide peace to others and lead them back to God through my spiritual insights and the insights of others. This is through sharing my story as I am inspired to such as writing, public speaking, or consulting.


I have found deep peace with God in my life purpose work and choose to answer the call to guide others back to God in very practical ways with the teachings provided in TFAS. The foundation is laid for me to live the rest of my life in union with God in peace living my purpose.


I desire to continue traveling the world with my partner in style and at the level of abundance we were created to enjoy. I desire to travel the states, as I have not done that and feel it is important to tour and speak to large audiences about Twin Flames and J&Ss teachings. I enjoy living life among people because that is where I am called to serve God’s Children.  


I deeply desire space in my life to live and enjoy my family. Everything I do is for my twin and our family. I desire a huge Italian home with a large staff to care for us, space for large groups to come and enjoy our grounds. I will own a mansion with a full spa, flush pool, state of the art gym, trees, boats, fields, a view of the ocean and the country. Space for kids to play, parents to learn and families to grow in love together.


I see myself with many homes around the world because the world is my home. My main estate will be in Italy. I found my way home, I found God, I found peace within here in Italy. It is where my heart is, it is home and I see my life unfolding here.


Next Chapter



Please reference the Glossary for terms and resources. 


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