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My Journey Home - Honoring the Flow of Life

October 9, 2018


As I continue to grow in my awareness of the events this weekend, my Twin Flame mentors Anne and Catrina took me deeper in my coaching session last night. I can not express to you the importance of finding the perfect twin flame coach for you. A&C have been vital to my journey and I am absolutely blessed to have them in my life. If you are interested in going deeper and faster on your journey - I recommend getting involved with a Twin Flame Coach. I of course would recommend A&C at TheTwinFlameWay.com for everyone but if you are unsure - you can always request a twin flames universe free consultation and be matched with a divinely channeled Twin Flame Coach perfect for you.


As I sat in gratitude and reflection of my experience with Mario this weekend and talked it out with my coaches, I realized the patterns we broke and the incredible RELIEF we felt as we chose love. That was the ultimate message in the vision I had of Mario and I Monday morning in the conference. We chose to not give up on love and went deeper than ever before in our union.


That was a major breakthrough, as I always stopped when Mario would yell at me in the emails. Jeff would always tell us in Twin Flame Ascension School, your HTFUs are not fragile, they will not break! I realized, Mario needs a woman who won't put up with his shit and will simply love him all the way through the bullshit and into peace. This was a crucial lesson I have been learning in my Life Purpose work and with all the "No's" and especially the screaming from my German supervisor. By working with all these people and choosing love in every moment, it prepared me to do the same in my union with my Mario. Everything we experience and everyone we encounter is brought into our lives for a purpose. One of my classmates, Fabian is experiencing  this with his new kittens, they are a great asset to him on his Twin Flame journey. (TFAS - 7pm, Class #71)


Mario was showing me a great deal of resistance and although I was surrendering and choosing love, he was also mirroring to me I was resisting love within. As I went deeper into this, several areas in my life emerged for me to do some basic spiritual clean-up. One was in my physical health, I have been "wishy-washy" here but decided this weekend to go all in and do something everyday to honor my body. It had been weighing on me for some times now and I was ready to make a new decision here and love myself. I always feel better after exercising, always, there is no reason not to do it except to NOT love myself. That is insane.


I was also resisting in being supported by those around me. I realized I was sitting in choices I made with others that served me in the moment I made them, but the situation no longer serves me or needs to grow with me, as I grow. Or as God changes the situation, it is my role to honor the flow and change, stagnation does not serve anyone. Maintaining the current arrangement just to honor a decision made in the past does not serve me now. My life is changing quickly, those around me, that are in place to support me, must grow with me. For example, my housekeeper who is also my cook. I have been working with her on properly serving me but she was/is still on "auto-pilot". This is not working and I choose to honor myself and be completely served now. Which means, if she wants to continue with me, she must flow and grow with me or we will end the arrangement.


I talked to her last week about this and again on Monday morning. She is great practice for me in honoring this new choice. As we move forward together, she either supports me completely, or she will move on to serve someone else. I choose to be supported completely.


This pattern to not claim my full support, was a misalignment in my core value of loyalty. I thought being loyal was honoring my past choices involving others - but that is not true as many of my choices made in the past were made from a place of fear. I choose to honor who I am today and be loyal to the God within me, as I make choices from this place of clarity - I am honoring the God in everyone, that is true loyalty.


I see this particular pattern in Mario as well. He is sitting in choices he made that used to serve him but no longer do and honestly never truly have - as I make these choices to be supported completely in all areas, he will too because Twin Flames choose together - Always.


The flow of life does not stop. I knew my focus was switching from my Life Purpose to my Harmonious Twin Flame Union in TFAS on Wednesday. I was a bit surprised how fast it transitioned. When I was trying to move forward on my Life Purpose, I was receiving NOs. Not closed doors, just NOs. I knew instantly on Friday after I integrated Wednesday's lesson, the tide had changed.


I also knew it was my responsibility to take action and make the move to start the conversation. It was easy and that is all I had to do. Be a servant to God and honor the Divine Flow.  Surrendering is easy. Following God's guidance is easy. Trusting God is easy.


Trusting God was a great lesson for me this week. I remember reviewing Mario's messages with my friend Cristina and I could here the "OH, Gasp... what?" coming from her as I shared his words. They were a tad harsh at times. I knew that he was triggered and just going through the upset with me.


After it was said and done, I still felt nervous. The What if he gets me in trouble energy poked it's head... Anne and Catrina quickly helped me clear this - if I limit or focus what I receive to only the negative, I will only see negative. I choose to embrace whatever happens is unfolding for my highest good. Whatever it is will be great because I choose greatness.


Yes, this looks like a hot mess from the external, but I was having fun. There were times when we were in it, I was laughing, because I love that man so much.


This is what twin flames do, we trigger the one area in our consciousness that is choosing fear and provide compassion and love to make a new choice and move forward. Yes - sometimes it is LOUD and LOW BLOWS are thrown - but it doesn't mean anything...it's a call for love.


The clarity I have on this entire experience is beautiful. I also feel complete here in this moment. I feel I am in a period of rest and integration, a place of peace.


I have no idea what is next for us but I do know, I choose love, I choose to be supported and to support my twin, I choose to serve God, and I trust in my union with God. And so it is.


Next Chapter



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