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My Journey Home - Respect Love not Fear

October 8, 2018

As I reflected and went to God for guidance, the words were not coming to me because they were already given to me in TFAS. My guidance was to answer the call.


Mario kept communicating in his emails - he desired peace and satisfaction. It was amazing because it was exactly what Jeff role modeled for me in class on Wednesday.




I really thought deeply about what you said about your family and truly respect your level of commitment, your dedication, and your loyalty to your family. Because, that's me too, I have that with my military family and I am that. 


I deeply respect the man you are and how you were created.


I do not respect the fear within you. I will always instantly draw it out of you by naturally being me. That is why you get so angry with me, so quickly. 


The beauty of weeding out fear is, we are granted the opportunity to go into deeper levels of peace. The peace you feel you receive by not communicating with me is a fallacy - I am created to take you into deeper levels of peace by drawing out the fear within you. 


I am not created to do this with everyone - just you. 



Mario - I would never ask you to leave your family. 


I would never ask you to destroy the relationship you have with your wife. 


I'd never ask that of you. I'd also never ask you to live a life that is unsatisfying. To be with someone, partnered with someone who is not designed for you. Someone who is not created for you. 


I invite you to partner with me, here.  Because I'm right for you. I was created for you. 


Being with me does not mean you need to leave your family and it does not mean you need to destroy relationships with those you love. 


It only means you have faith and you trust in love. You trust in the feelings you are experiencing within. 


I experienced this in the military and my spiritual family. I wanted to bring the two together. I wanted to bring the healing of my spiritual family to heal the pain of my military family. My military family resisted it every step of the way. 


But, my experience showed, again and again and again. No matter how passionate, how upset, how many times they swore and screamed at me, how many times they said no to me - what they REALLY meant was they said yes and supported me. 


I got the support I needed by being persistent. I got this new job because of it and I am able to move forward in this research project because I decided to Love. I decided to honor myself, and I didn't take no as an answer when it came to getting the love I need and offering the love I had to offer. I learned that in a space of unconditional love, everyone wins. Everyone gets love. 


I told you I would stop messaging you per your request and I intend to. It's just that you gave me a lot to process on Friday and I am not as quick as you are in my spiritual work. 


You seem to get there a lot faster than me. I need to "talk it out" to process it sometimes. I need to write it out and send it off. I don't need a response, just a vessel to receive it I guess...


I know this is difficult to conceptualize. I do have some friends visiting at the end of the month.


Mike and Amanda - they are twin flames. They will be here in Italy on the 27th of October, if you are interested in meeting them, we would love to have dinner or a drink with you. 


Just consider it as it is a very rare opportunity and one that may not arise again for awhile.


It may provide you a different perspective than just my word against everything you know and have experienced in life.


If I do not hear from you - I will assume the answer is no and you need not worry, I choose to respect you and your space and so it is. 




----- I sent it off and went to bed ---


As I laid down, I was buzzing with energy flowing through me. I fell asleep in peace.


I woke Monday morning, still feeling at peace. I felt grounded. As I went to work, I felt this energy running through me. It is consistent, I felt it through all my conferences this morning and even now as I write this.


While in a meeting, in this new consistent state of meditation. I had a vision. In the past, my visions of Mario and I were always me going to him. In this vision, he approached me. I instantly opened my arms and he fell into my embrace - crying. I just held him, chose to love him and send compassion through my heart to him.


Wow.... what a weekend!


Next Chapter



Please reference the Glossary for terms and resources. 


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