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Living My Dreams - Army Strong

August 18, 2018


I woke up with incredible clarity this morning. Jeff and I discussed our next steps last night and it was exactly what I needed. I also realized this morning, this just didn’t come to me over night - I’ve been working my ass off for over 15 years. I never understood why I made the choice to join ROTC in college or join the military. I just did it blindly with no regard for myself, being compensated appropriately for my level of work or asking for anything in return. 


I just did it - the Life Purpose Mantra theory rings true - screw it, just do it! I LOVED this Lesson and it's a FREE Life Purpose Class you can watch online! 


God has ALWAYS taken care of me - ALWAYS. Everything has always worked out to support me moving forward in my career. I have faced great adversity in the military as a female leader. I have also encountered incredible support. Leaders, peers, and subordinates that honor, acknowledge, and show gratitude for my work. I just trust my work and effort will be acknowledged appropriately and in perfect timing. 


Only recently did I discover the importance of honoring it myself. I am VERY, VERY, VERY Good at what I do! I am THE expert at managing large level operations. And it is SO relieving to have FINALLY Found the Leaders that respect, honor, and support my level of work and commitment. 


Jeff and Shaleia - I love you and it is an incredible honor to go deeper into my life purpose and partner with you! Thank you for ALL of your support on my Life Purpose Journey!


One moment coming to mind was about 6 months ago when Jeff called me. I had no idea why he wanted to talk, and I thought, man… I am totally fucking up my end. Jeff and Shaleia called me to just love me. Jeff got on the call and literally said, “we just want to take a minute and love you…how are you”. 


How could anyone ever ask for better business partners. My twin and I are #BLESSED! 


I’ve been driven by a love that is indescribable and one only those Living their Purpose can truly comprehend. I thrive as a behind the scenes “composer producer”. Most leaders I work for do not even realize or understand the energy I put into things because it comes very easy to me. The energy is there and for those that understand energy instantly recognize it and honor my choice to give to those I love. 


I just want to see the leaders I work with thrive and know I had a part in making it seamless and easy for them to lead. I have been created this way and anyone who has ever had me on staff would testify to this. I am also passionate about taking care of my team, it’s important to me my team knows they are supported and valuable to both me and our mission. This piece is important, as it’s a team effort and I have NEVER done anything on my own - EVER! 


Most importantly, everything I do is for the Soldiers I serve. I never lose focus on my priority and the gift of leading Soldiers. Those brave and courageous young men and women who sign on that dotted line and give their life force to protect others. It’s an honor to serve them. 


Many people were involved and supported me along the way. Ultimately one of the most intimate relationships I had in my life was with my previous Twin Flame Coaches Anne and Catrina. I realized some time ago they had a great part in raising me spiritually. They held my hand every week and guided me through my fears and upsets. Sometimes, I didn’t even know I had an upset - they pulled it out of me and loved me as true parents are meant to - they held my hand as I would take ownership of my upsets,  complete the mirror exercise, and make a new choice.


One moment I remember most recently was Catrina telling me to go Play. I just starred at her - like “…what”? I don’t do that…I don’t know what that means”. This is true, as I remember Shaleia telling me in a session - ‘you love to work, it makes me tired to look at how much you and Mario love to work’. 


As I ground into this project to bring the Mind Alignment Process to the Military, I realize that is just what it is. My next project. I have been doing projects at this magnitude and this level of energy and higher levels of funding for years! It’s what I’m designed to do and I LOVE doing it! 


To move into this next step in my Life Purpose and receive complete Autonomy, Funding, and Support to provide this work to our formations - to receive what I have claimed - to heal our warriors is a DREAM COME TRUE! 


A DREAM! It is my DREAM! 


I did this by following the very easy and simple process Jeff and Shaleia unfold in Life Purpose Class. 


What is possibly more important than your Dreams!?! It is currently less than $6 a day to subscribe to Life Purpose Class with Jeff and Shaleia


Do not hesitate or think about it! Claim your next step to manifesting your DREAMS! Subscribe to Life Purpose Class with Jeff and Shaleia today! 


Screw it, Just DO IT! 


*Update: I no longer work with Anne And Catrina. I did have a very intimate relationship with them. Any person who spends their life seeking spiritual enlightenment will possess nuggets of truth. 


This BLOG is the ONLY one that I will maintain that incorporated my previous mentors impact on my life. I do this for ONE very specific reason. Working with both Jeff and Shaleia and Anne and Catrina for over a Year - I have NEVER experienced Anne And Catrina calling me up just to love me. 


Jeff and Shaleia have done this countless times. I have never paid them a dime for these intimate and extended sessions with me. 


It brings tears to my eyes to read this and receive from my beloved Spiritual Leaders. J&S have loved me through this and I am forever grateful to them for Always guiding me and my spiritual community into deeper levels of Love. 


Next Chapter



Please reference the Glossary for terms and resources. 


*If you are inspired and choose to deepen your relationship with Love by joining TFAS or Life Purpose Class - I invite you to refer me, Chrissy Kay, at time of purchase. You will receive 4 weeks of FREE coaching in my live group coaching class. Check it out here. 

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