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A Divine Masterpiece - Twin Flames Finding Your Ultimate Lover by Jeff and Shaleia

August 15, 2018


I finally received my order! I saw the amazon box on the shelf as I walked by to check my mailbox for any packages and I knew. I walked into the mail room, a Soldier who approached me about twin flames a couple months ago was there chatting to the clerk. As the clerk handed me the box, I couldn’t wait and asked permission to open the box in the mailroom, my face was lit up with anticipation. 


The clerk approved and I dove in, just like a kid on Christmas morning opening that very first present under the tree, hoping it's the perfect gift, the gift the child had been waiting for all year!


As I opened the box, there they were, beautifully packaged. The cover perfect, shiny and new, the crease fresh, and the pages yearning to be turned. As I grabbed one, my face lit up with joy, and there was no doubt these Soldiers never witnessed someone so happy to see a book! 


I looked up at them and said  “IT’S HERE - This book transformed my life! It’s my favorite book and it’s here in my hands - in hard copy”. 


They just starred at me, smiled and said “Cool, Ma’am”. 


I was holding in my hands Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover by Jeff and Shaleia Divine. 


Another Soldier walked in, I turned to him held up the book and said “LOOK, it’s here!”  


He started laughing. And me, just like an eager kid wanting to share a new toy with their siblings on Christmas Day, I turned back to the box. 


“Do you want one? I bought extra!” 


The Soldier who just walked in, shrugged and said, “Sure Ma’am, I’ll check it out.” 


The Soldier who asked me about twin flames starred at me. I could feel the energy and deep desire for a copy. He knew what I was holding, as I recommended the Kindle version to him awhile back. 


I looked at him, “Do you want one? I know you do, I bought one for you too!” 


“Yes Ma’am, I’d love a copy” he replied. 


He held it, starring at it, and looked up at me with deep gratitude, “Thank you, Ma’am”


He then stood up and excused himself, walking out of the mailroom feeling as though he just received a treasured gift. 


The mailroom clerk was not interested, he noted somewhere in the middle of the joyous moment he doesn’t read.


As I picked up my box of treasures and started walking out, I said goodbye to him and with a huge smile on his face he told me to enjoy. How could you possibly not smile after such a Divine moment, regardless if you read or not.


'Enjoy this book' I thought, that is the understatement of the year!


The next morning, I melted into my couch with my cup of coffee, took a deep breath and I picked up my book. I had read it many times before but this was different. It was in my hands. I can turn the pages, smell the freshness only a new book provides and know it holds treasures within just for me. Treasures I can turn back to in any moment as it sits on the shelf in my office, next to my other favorites such as An Autobiography of a Yogi and A Course in Miracles. 


I starred at it for a moment, I didn’t really understand my energy but that’s the point. I just choose to feel it. My heart is in charge here. That is the only way to truly receive what is inside. With great care and love, I opened it, slowly flipping through each page. The title page, the beautiful picture of my beloved spiritual teachers. Each word in truth, provided in black and white, my hand brushed over the page.  


I took a moment and meditated on their picture, their energy. I felt a wave of gratitude and sat there thanking God with all the love in my heart for bringing them to me. 


I continued to the dedication. I already heard the words on this page as Shaleia read them during a Twin Flame Ascension School Class


“To our Twin Flame Ascension School students who were the first to believe in us and our work…” I felt it, in the very first sentence. 


The unconditional love of Jeff and Shaleia washing over me. That familiar unique healing energy of my spiritual teachers that enters my energetic field as I choose to go deeper into love with them and choose to be open to receiving their love.


I always recognize their loving embrace as it washes over me. I basked in this beautiful vibration with gratitude and chose to receive everything this Divine masterpiece holds within. My eyes started to water and one tear formed and slowly drifted down the left side of my cheek, I sat there in active meditation, feeling the tear slowly fall as I drifted gently into the truth and the depth of love before me, I instantly knew. 


This book is going to transform my life - yet again. 


Don't hesitate, wait, or think about it. Buy your copy and dive into the ever flowing Divine nectar of Twin Flames Finding Your Ultimate Lover Today


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Please reference the Glossary for terms and resources. 


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