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Living my Life Purpose - Army Strong - Embracing True Leadership

August 2, 2018



I've really been working through contrast with leadership and what it means to me. The military has produced some of the greatest leaders of our time. As I dive deeper into Jeff and Shaleia's Body of work and observe J&S - it is rewriting what leaders are to me.


Last week Jeff helped the TFAS leaders heal a block in leadership surrounding respect. It felt really great coming into this awareness.


To Recap - Jeff was disciplining us for not acknowledging his presence at an event. In the military we do this - when the senior leader walks in everyone stops, stands, and awaits their guidance as a sign of respect. Unfortunately, many leaders treat their subordinates poorly and it is an action based in fear not respect. As I went deeper into this, I felt confused because of how much J&S love us and the way they treat us. It felt unnatural or wrong for a leader to treat me with such respect and love and hold such a high leadership Position.


It is not what I have experienced by my assigned leaders but I have experienced this from J&S - after healing this illusion - I chose to be treated with love and respect and choose to treat my leaders with love and respect in return.




Monday, I was in charge of a senior leader conference for very HIGH level military leaders - Not long before the end of the conference, I felt such a great level of gratitude for those that helped me make it a successful day. It takes a LOT of work to pull off that high level of an event. I was thanking God and those who helped me - telling my subordinates how much I appreciate them. I've always done this but it is taking on an entirely new significance moving forward.


Not one of the senior military leaders in the room Thanked the Staff that coordinated the conference. I had NO idea how ungrateful military leaders are! This behavior from them caused a rif in many who worked hard to create a seamless experience for them (They felt "tilted"). Many complained and were upset.


I was watching Life Purpose Class 60 - Of course J&S deep dived into leadership. This class was PACKED full of Nuggest! One that resonated with me was Carmel speaking about great leaders in sports are massive dickheads. J&S elaborated on this going on in the gaming world too! That people see the Ultra-High Leaders and behave like them.


This manifests in the military as well. In the conference there were a couple "junior" officers being "groomed". A VERY common practice in the military and they too were acting like assholes...they treated people poorly, are always tired, rude, mean to others - they are simply following the Leaders who are Grooming them! The same leaders that do not give thanks to those that serve them. They are all BARGAINING away something in order to get something - They gave up something essential to them to get where they are and as I listened to this class - I had great compassion for them all.


I too have always been groomed by a leader for future positions. I've ALWAYS been that "Junior" Leader in the room. As I worked through this with my coaches Anne and Catrina, they helped me realize God is grooming me now. I made the choice to work for God and so it is.


I remember when I was a young Lieutenant my company commander told me - "Chrissy you have everything to have one of these" - He was holding the flag of a One Star Officer (General Officer). I laughed...as I write this and that memory pops into my head - I do have what it takes...because we all do.


The difference between me and them - If God leads me down that path, I will do it in a balanced and sustainable way with God. I will approach it with God peacefully and relaxed and I will not have to give up anything to do it!


I choose to Role Model Love!


Life Purpose Class is LIFE CHANGING! Thank you Jeff and Shaleia for being role models and guiding me to be the Best Leader I can possibly be for those I serve. Our Soldiers deserve only the best and I choose to bring them just that!


Let's Go!


Next Chapter



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