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My Journey Home 27 - Embracing Divine Relationships

July 11, 2018



The experiences I had so far on my trip were so powerful in mirroring my life path and how choosing unconditional love and serving God, Myself, and My Twin is all that is required of me.  My weekend in Columbus was an incredible activation in aligning me to the true power of unconditional love. As I surrendered to the truth, I deeply desired to cultivate relationships with others who align to my core values and intentions. As I moved forward to Sedona, Arizona onto the next step of my journey, I felt a great deal of expansion within, there was a balance and clarity along with a heightened sense of joy to explore and create memories grounded in this new awareness. 


Meeting up with anyone from Twin Flame Ascension School (TFAS) is always a rich experience. Prior to meeting Deanna, I had met two other classmates, each one was memorable in it’s own way. There is an inner stillness that washes over me as I align in a place of communion with my spiritual family. It is beautiful and unique every time because we collectively choose to go deeper and grow into more love in every moment of every day. 


I met Deanna for the first time in the rental car parking garage at Phoenix Airport. As I saw her approach, I felt as though I had just manifested a sister, it could not have felt more natural, as we hugged it out in front of the Rental Care Service Representatives. As I type this it occurs to me how unbelievably normal yet powerful that interaction was as two women who align with the same intentions of unconditional love for God collided. It was a gift to stand in her presence and hug her. 


As I sit here in reflection of that moment, my eyes fill up with tears as love and gratitude for my spiritual teachers Jeff and Shaleia wash over me. Meeting her and the beautifully Divine week that unfolded for us both would not have been possible without them or TFAS.


Our week in Sedona was nothing short of miracle after miracle. From the beginning of this trip, God co-created the entire experience. I could gush for hours on our trip and how beautiful it was, each moment building on the last. We had some blocks to work through as attempting to be anything but authentic with a TFAS classmate is far from harmonious! It was fun to partner with her in spiritual work and flow from one activity to the next. Below are some pictures highlighting our adventures in Sedona but my favorite part was deepening my relationship and friendship with Deanna. 


Above is a stop along the Vortex Tour called Grasshopper point. It is not a Vortex but is a beautiful place to cool off and have a picnic lunch by the river. As we approached trying to figure out where to go a man was sitting on a picnic table. He instantly gave us directions to the "popular" place and then invited us to a more remote location. We said... lead the way. He took us a little off the track to The Sacred Pool of the 3 White Waters. Three waterfalls fell into the river at this location, he shared the story and then left us to our lunch with his water raft for us to float the day away. It was an absolute slice of Heaven! 


Another stop that was magical was hitting up the drum circle at the Oak Creek Brewery Company in Sedona. This circle was on point as the energy provided space for Deanna and I to do some deep inner work in public at the bar! This was a beautiful moment in realizing this is the life I desire, the freedom to do spiritual work anywhere as it does not hold me back from enjoying the fruits of life. 



These are just a couple of moments but to have this time with her was very special to me. We did a video on Divine Friendship which seems as though we are just talking. As you watch, you will feel the connection we have and how natural it is for us to spend time together. This was how it was for us the entire week! 





Having this time to partner with her really grounded my confidence in partnering with my twin flame and building our connection. If it’s this EASY with Deanna - how can it not be this EASY with my twin flame Mario? Yes, we will have upsets to clear but it’s fun to go deeper into love with another, it’s easy, light, and freeing. Truly Heaven on Earth. 


The TFAS students I am having the privilege of meeting align with this energy - their dedication matches mine and as we continue to do our mirror work, we continue going deeper. There is an incredible sense of security to know I will never outgrow them, the collective community of TFAS will always choose love and we will teach and help each other as we grow moving forward. Our TFAS spiritual leaders and teachers, Jeff and Shaleia, will never stop taking us deeper into love because they too choose to go deeper into the unlimited vastness of unconditional love and truth! 


How incredibly refreshing I feel in this new awareness. How easy and fun my time with Deanna was!  As I headed into the next week, going back to my childhood town to spend time with my biological family, I felt balanced and full of energy! It was not until I started to prepare for my trip from Arizona to Ohio to spend time with my biological family that I realized I already had missed my flight to Ohio…


I felt the reprieve was over, I was back to work, back on the path of my life I had walked before and I knew this was a taste of where I was heading…I was right - it all went to “shit” the next day. 


Here we go God - what do you have in store for me now! 


Next Chapter



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