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My Journey Home - 28 - Releasing the Need to Hurry to get "Home"

July 11, 2018

After realizing I missed my flight due to poor planning, I mirrored it and booked a new flight. This worked out for both Deanna and I as she left prior and it was a very smooth and gentle good-bye for us both. The next day, I headed to the airport to find out my new flight was cancelled.....WTF is going on God!?! 


I laughed and went up to the desk to work it out. Many people were upset and I just stood there smiling. As there were no flights on this carrier until the next day, the representative noted a non-stop option on a different airline departing later that day. I thanked her and headed over to the other desk. 


As this new representative was quoting my price, I asked for first class. She didn’t hear me correctly and said with an attitude “No, the price I provided was economy” I responded with “No, First Class Please”. Her demeanor and attitude quickly shifted as I handed her my credit card for my desired seat. 


I had HOURS until my flight so I decided to spend some time at the USO! This is a location most international airports have that provide a space for Soldiers to relax while in transit. It is completely free and overflowing with Love, Food, and Entertainment. I sat back and felt at home as I completed my daily meditation from Anne and Catrina's Core Awakening Class and relaxed the day away! 


Picture of me Chilling in the Phoenix USO!! Thank you USO for supporting Soldiers and their families and providing us a safe and comfy space to relax on our journeys!!! 


As I landed in Philly on my new timeline, I headed toward the town I grew up, a 6 hour drive. I lost three hours in transit to Philly, plus the extra time for the new flight. It was late already but I felt I had some energy to drive a bit. As I hit the road, I planned on stopping along the way to rest. Well, as I got tired and stopped in three different towns for the night, all were booked, no vacancies. I was exhausted. As I started doing my inner work, I felt drained, resistant, and cranky. 


How did I fall so fast in 24 hours from the beautiful peaceful place I was in to this state of NO energy!?! 


I pulled the car over to mirror and rest but didn’t feel safe, it was just a cut on the side of the vacant turnpike with a gated trail of some kind…. I asked God for a safe space and was guided to keep driving and pull over somewhere else. It was about 3am and I pulled into a parking lot on the side of the road…not a rest stop, there were no signs for any rest stops as I had been looking for a rest stop for hours. I was too tired to figure out where I was, so I just locked the doors and reclined the seat. 


As I grabbed my travel pillow - I realized how many times in my life I did this while traveling. This was how I traveled the majority of my life…resting only when needed, saving money by skipping out on hotels and sleeping in the car - the goal was always to GET THERE as FAST as I could! GO, GO, GO!


I realized the path God was taking me down and I chose to love myself in every moment. I relaxed into the knowing I am already home, there is no hurry to get where I already am. I fell asleep peacefully. 


I woke up with the sun, rubbed my eyes, hit the lever to straighten the seat and looked around - I was parked in the middle of the Pennsylvania Highway Patrol Parking Lot and surrounded by cop cars - I smiled to myself as I did ask God for a safe place to rest…there was no safer place to be…I headed back onto the Turnpike to continue my adventure home. 


This was going to be the first time I spent time with my parents since I moved to Italy and joined TFAS. I have drastically changed internally since I left and knew this was going to be a great opportunity for me to test my spiritual mastery. I was a bit nervous about it. 


As I continued driving, it was Monday morning and sometime last night following the travel debacle my left ear started hurting. It was a piercing pain that was incredibly annoying. I knew this was a spiritual issue and I was leaking my energy in some way. I was looking forward to my coaching session with Anne and Catrina as I have grown accustomed to “mis-alignments” arising the day prior to our meet-ups and this was no different.


I jumped on the call with Anne and Catrina and started to discuss my week in Sedona with Deanna and my current experiences with my flights, my ear, and my energy levels. They helped me close the loop on my ear. I was leaking energy to obligations! This was HUGE as it was a major lesson I had learned over the year and realized it was coming up as I headed back to spend time with my parents. 


As always Anne and Catrina coached me through my upsets and helped set me up for the week ahead. I had one very simple task, choose unconditional love in every moment and enjoy this next step on my adventure. 


As I arrived at the hotel, I remembered I had set everything up at the hotel to feel supported and welcomed. I chose a very nice room and ordered fresh flowers and strawberries for when I arrived. I received the room but the employees failed to order the flowers or strawberries. I was a bit disappointed and of course mirrored this and chose to release all expectations and surrender my choice for a smooth and joyful visit to God.


I quickly crashed at the hotel and woke in time to get ready for a dinner date with my mom. We had planned to meet for dinner at a nice restaurant by my hotel. I felt amazing! The ear ache was completely gone after my healing session with Anne and Catrina and I dressed to my liking and felt very in my space. Internally, I was relaxed and looking forward to a nice dinner. 


As I approached my mom, I hugged her. It was very anti-climatic. As we sat down to eat dinner, I had just opened the menu when the questions began…I looked up at her and instantly felt as though I had just unknowingly entered into an interview.


The only question I had was….what was I interviewing for? 



Please reference the Glossary for terms and resources. 


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