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My Journey Home - 25 - Transcending Lack Consciousness

June 22, 2018


My adventure to the States has started…and oh How sweet! This isn’t just any trip to the states for me. This is an opportunity to walk the path I have lived but this time with unconditional love. That starts with choosing God and myself first! Here we Go!


The above picture is of me enjoying my Business Class seat from France to New York. The seat was a recliner that extended all the way down into a bed…I felt like Cameron Diaz in the movie “The Holiday”. It was on the top floor of the airplane (I didn’t know that existed…I’ve only seen an airplane with a staircase with a bar in the final scene of the Wedding Singer)! 


Along with my comfy spot, we of course received Champagne and had a 4 course meal - it was SO good! This was not my life a year ago. A year ago, I would purchase the cheapest tickets possible to get me from A to B and would get a meal equivalent to a frozen pasta. On this flight...I received a menu for my meal which included a salmon smear, shrimp cocktail with asparagus salad, I chose the artichoke pasta and chocolate cake with raspberry ice-cream and coffee for desert.  


I now can afford such liberties as upgraded seats because of Life Purpose Class with Jeff and Shaleia! Jeff and Shaleia talk about how to live life and invest in yourself in Life Purpose Class - it has absolutely changed my life in so many ways! I grew up in a middle class blue collar family and “Lack Consciousness” was incredibly ingrained in me. Just last year, I was 75 grand in debt


On this trip, I am transcending this lack conscoiusness and wow - it is a game changer! 


As I enjoyed this portion of my trip, I had moments to mirror. For example, the airport in Naples was insane and my original plan on checking in didn’t work out - I chose to follow God and surrendered then I laughed as I realized my plans have no weight here… I surrendered and just went with the flow. I was placed on standby as the flight was overbooked…I didn’t get upset, I just went with it as I knew there was something for me in this experience. I got a seat but someone else was sitting in it. Each step of this experience I mirrored and showed unconditional love -  not having a confirmed seat, getting a seat, someone in it, waiting on the support staff to figure it out as I stood in the entry of the airplane. I showed patience and unconditional love, levels of patience and love I didn’t even know was in me, I just felt peace as this all unfolded.  


A year ago when this exact experience would happen it was stress, anxiety, tears, frustration, chaos, waiting and waiting and waiting - that was my experience at airports.


As I calmly stood on the plane waiting for the assistant to find me a seat. He did some stuff on the computer…then he goes and invites the man sitting in my assigned seat to join the first class passengers….I was like - what? This person threw a mini-fit, would not get up out of the seat, and they pop him to first class?? The assistant came back and said - your seat is now ready. As I obviously watched this unfold, I said thank you but you could have just popped me to first class….his response - he is a frequent flyer. 


This upset me as this man treated them like crap, was not nice to me and is "rewarded" with first class seats? WTF God?


I of course went into mirroring and realized I was being reminded where true power comes from, as I went deeper with God and made a new choice - I thanked God for the opportunity and sent compassion to those who believe money is power.  I realized the lesson God was providing me through the flight assistant...I chose to claim my good and always hold humbleness in my heart and so it is. 


During my next flight, the one with the killer seat and food, the person sitting next to me was being a total ass to the flight crew and talking down to people. I was surprised as I was getting settled in my seat and putting my slippers on that he was the one sitting next to me (Not again God, I thought we talked about this).…O and by the way the seats were heated and we got a hygiene kit - super cute! I asked God why he sat him next to me…”allow it to unfold”.


Less than an hour in the flight - his T.V. broke. - this obviously turned into more drama….and so in his slippers, he was moved to a different location. More space for me! 


The assistant came back and apologized to me - noting things happen for a reason and that man was being rude to everyone - I agreed and we had a nice conversation on how to treat people. The assistant then followed with a genuine display of gratitude toward me for being so nice to him and the staff. He said, they don’t experience that often and is enjoying the opportunity to serve me on my flight! 


After I enjoyed every bit of my 4 course meal, I sat back and watched a couple movies. Did Jeff and Shaleia’s meditation C.D. (this is my go to meditation whenever I travel) I relaxed and enjoyed the flight and extra space God created with the “empty seat” beside me. A couple hours later, they served a second meal…I was shocked as I was still full from dinner. 


I thankfully declined it and then - it happened.... In that moment, I transcended a deep level of lack consciousness. In the past I would have eaten it just because it was free. I was raised with the understanding, you don’t turn down free stuff....or in this case, things you pay for as it's included in the ticket price. All I saw around me were people in lack energy. It had nothing to do with their seats… it was displayed all over the “higher class” cabin.


On my last leg to Pittsburgh it was highlighted even deeper. The plane was delayed and of course most people were upset. They provided snacks and I laughed as people were throwing 4 or 5 free snacks in their bags….It reminded me of a TFAS class when we talk about the story of just taking the bread you need for today and as people took more than what they needed they found it rotten in the morning. 


Sitting in the airport for the delay, it had been over 24 hours of travel at this point and I was exhausted. I felt energy running through me and at times felt as though the airport was swaying - I felt energy inside me shifting...almost like I was my own vortex. Leaving the airport didn’t make any sense, so I asked God, what are you teaching me here? I was inspired to set up a spot and lay on the airport ground to rest (I’ve never done that, always felt airports were gross). I fell into a very deep, deep sleep on the hard floor.  


When I woke, I realized wherever I am it is perfect for my needs if I so choose to receive perfection. 


As I got to my hotel for the night  - I was upgraded to a suite! This is perfect as it is the exact environment I desire to complete my afternoon LiFTS class before heading to meet up with my friend for the weekend!  


My Life Purpose work and Spiritual Classes are a priority and as I planned this trip, I set intentions that I would be supported to complete my work and lessons. I have no idea how that will all transpire but one thing I know - the "how" is NOT my Job - it's God's Job. 


BOOM - God hooks me up with this! Plus with nothing more than asking - I received a late checkout to complete the course prior to leaving! Loving it!



God always provides! My upgraded 2 room suite comes with a conference table for my LiFTS Class! Perfect! 


I’m enjoying my space and looking forward to spending the weekend with my friend before heading to Sedona for the next leg of my trip! 


Next Chapter



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