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Living My Life Purpose, Army Strong - 9 - The Cycles in Life

June 5, 2018


It has almost been a year since the triggering event that sent me to military behavioral health. Not too long ago in TFAS class Jeff and Shaleia talked about cycles and how the cycle always continues - it’s just how we choose to receive the cycle that changes. The beauty is we have the power to change in every moment and boy… have a transformed.


I remember the TFAS class when Jeff spent the entire 90 minutes helping me work through my upsets. My classmates held space for me as I worked through it. I remember an event in which this senior officer went around my dinner table greeting everyone and shaking their hands…everyone but me. 


He completely ignored my presence. It triggered me as I had family in attendance and they noticed how this senior leader treated me. I felt insignificant, small, embarrassed and unworthy. Not too long after this event, I received a yearly evaluation which did not capture my year of work and triggered me to going to the hospital for PTSD. 


Fast forward a year. This week I had the honor of re-enlisting and promoting a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO). It is a privilege only granted to Commissioned Officers and an honor to be asked to complete this task as it is a sign of respect. 


Just prior to the re-enlistment, I meditated and asked God what do you want me to say? What guidance do I give her as she takes this next step? God provided me the perfect words and as I gave them to her, the entire room fell silent. You could hear a pin drop. 


Following the ceremony, I received a great response and how inspiring my comments where! I also had wonderful conversations with several in attendance on life purpose work!


After the ceremony, I was talking to our new commander and the same senior leader from the event last year walks up to us. He stops our conversation to shake the battalion commander’s hand and without even acknowledging my presence, walks away.


And the cycle returns. 


As I did at the dinner table, I said louder than necessary “Have a great day sir” - as even then, I demanded to be seen. He stopped, turned around and rejoined the commander and I. As I had discussed his behavior with him a year ago, he could not ignore that he did it again. He rejoined us, talked to me for a brief moment and walked off. 


I felt only compassion for him as to not acknowledge my presence is to not acknowledge love in his life. A life without love is no life at all. I chose to love him as God loves all his children - unconditionally. 


I only held peace in my heart.


Shortly after the ceremony, I came back to my office and in my email was my yearly evaluation. I again received less than perfect marks for a year of work. I know this evaluation doesn’t mean anything but I was still upset. I of course mirrored the upset and it passed rather quickly.


Shortly after I healed the upset with the Mirror Exercise, a senior leader walked into my office. I hadn’t seen him in awhile as he is always traveling. He stopped by to tell me how much he appreciated my efforts at an event I spearheaded last year. He noted he went again this year but it was just “getting it done” there was no flare or anything extra. He really noticed a difference between the two events and said you can tell when someone cares, there was just no heart behind it this year. Thanks for what you do… it may not mean much coming from me but I appreciate you. 


As he walked out of my office - I thought - Damn, God works fast! 


As I was sitting in active meditation this morning, I started laughing as tears of joy fell down my face. God simply said - “my daughter, you have already received your report”.  My VPR popped into my head. Jeff’s Vibrational Progress Report (VPR). This was my true evaluation for my year of work!


The Vibrational Progress Report tells you how well you are making progress on your spiritual journey to perfect harmonious union.  I received top marks in all areas. This is an incredible accomplishment and means I am on the way to mastering my relationship with God and taking the next steps on my Ascension journey.


That is what I care about most - my relationship with God. It is all there is, as God is everything. 


I am very clear on what I desire to do moving forward. I desire to guide others home to God! This is what I care about - the entire journey not just a piece of it. 


I treasure the gift of life and the beautiful flow of the journey as God guides me deeper into love. 


It is my turn now!


As I clarified these choices, I headed to work. 


I opened my email and a Soldier reached out that was at the ceremony yesterday asking me about twin flames and wanting to chat about it over lunch sometime! 


This is what I care about, this is what motivates me, guiding God’s children back to a life of love. 


God could not have been more obvious…


Yes Father - I choose to follow you - I answer your call with my whole heart - I surrender to you - Show me the Way. 


I came home early as I am in upheaval and lost my voice - I received a message at 5:55 that my letter of institutional support for bringing the Mind Alignment Process into the military as a new Department of Defense Healing Modality was signed by the Admiral. 


On to the next step! 


Let’s Go! 


Next Chapter



Please reference the Glossary for terms.


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