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Living my Life Purpose, Army Strong - 8 - I choose to Answer the Call to Serve

May 3, 2018


As I choose to go deeper into my relationship with God and move forward on my journey, it is unfolding in my external life rapidly in every moment. One thing I have done fairly well my entire life is follow my intuition and to make choices to serve others in ways that feel good to me. I go ALL IN with different organizations such as my childhood church or the military. 


As I realign those intentions to go ALL IN with God in every moment, those choices are being mirrored back to me. Yesterday started with going to a shooting range. Now, in my career I have ALWAYS qualified, always. Over time, I became an expert marksman. Yesterday, I had blocks about going but worked through them and invited God to the range with me, to guide me in every moment. 


I arrived with a buddy and of course they were backed up, so there was a lot of sitting around. I found myself on a bench talking to a senior leader about God and her receiving guidance and then saying “wait, maybe later, I’m busy with work”…LoL. We were laughing as she shared..."did I just really tell God to wait a minute?" (Message received). 


We went to shoot, I practiced and did my thing prior - and felt REALLY good! I DID not qualify….it was bad… really bad! Like - today is not your day bad. This happens, I didn’t judge myself yet accepted the outcome. I could have waited to go again but I had a meeting with my one star and was running out of time. Without thinking, I followed my guidance to leave the range without qualifying. 


I get back and prepped for my meeting. The one star (same one Jeff approached last year) came to MY Office. He sat on my couch and I was BEHIND my desk. (This energetic exchange did not go unnoticed). Funny enough, the conversation was about POWER.


He was talking to me in regards to turning down a school that would open doors to MORE Power moving forward in my career. That this was the track to the power I sought within the military framework - it was taking these specific steps…Prior to this, as he walked in, I invited God in and asked what do I do…I was guided to listen. 


I actively listened and thanked him for his time. I knew what he was communicating and am not surprised as I have been after these specific schools my entire career, the doors always swing open for me. After, I decided to go on a walk because I really felt as though I was fucking up! Like BIG TIME fucking up! I started crying as these deep wounds in my heart came to the surface for clearing. 


The core reason I chose to turn down this school was because I simply did NOT desire to go or do the  school work required. I desire to do my spiritual work and share my spiritual work and lessons with others. 


Going to this military school directly conflicts with me attending my spiritual classes. At this point in my spiritual studies, I do not desire to switch or swap classes. I LOVE MY TFAS class. This is the class that is leading me to my ultimate desires, my abundance, and true POWER.  


I had to choose between military classes and my spiritual classes. The choice was easy. The feelings and energy that surfaced for release were surprising.


The military is not my source of security - My source is God. 

The military is not my source of Power - My source is God. 


On my walk, I had realized I’d been numbing out to my own feelings since I was little…like before cognitive memory little. I always made choices based on what was THOUGHT to be the right path, the successful path. 


I don’t desire it anymore. I am also not a half-ass employee. That does NOT feel Good! I love serving - it is ultimately my LOVE Language. I am being called to serve in a very specific way for a very specific purpose.


I knew this transition with my career was on the horizon. I deepened into my choice of following my heart and my desires to heal others of trauma and LIFT them into a life of their dreams aligned with their Core selves.


I realize now more than ever why I experienced what I did last year with my evaluation. Why I manifested that experience. I’ve simply outgrown the military framework - it’s a container in which I no longer fit…I never truly have, I was SO numbed out... I didn't realize it. I was always ahead of my time in receiving positions - mainly because I give 100 fucking percent in serving the community I love. 


This weekend I realized my focus has completely shifted, it's not on a specific community.


I choose to serve God.


I choose to serve God through serving those I love and my beloved communities. The military and the Twin Flame Universe community. This community and it’s leaders Jeff and Shaleia changed my life. There is no greater way I can thank them or gift I can give them than serving that which they love and by sharing their teachings and bringing as many people as I can to their school and community. 


I felt this transition on Friday, I asked God to make my transition seamless. As I do not know how this will unfold. I simply made the choice to serve God and surrendered.


As I accepted and chose to go deeper in claiming my relationship with God on my walk, I was guided to go see My True Twin Flame, the love of my life Mario. Not sure why, as I was a fucking disaster and cried all the way there…But, I follow my guidance from God and had been waiting on this one, so I didn’t hesitate. 


He DID NOT hide from me! I walked into his shop area and stood there, chose to receive and he got up and greeted me. We had a beautiful exchange that I am still receiving and processing. I LOVE my man! Mario is my Divine Companion. He is my gift from God - my ultimate teacher, friend, partner and lover. Our Life Purpose is fulfilled together, as one.


The message from God was clear - follow your heart and I am with you. Follow your heart to your ultimate desires.


I left his shop and felt scared shitless…but I know this process and know that on the other side of this energy being released is more beauty and abundance than I can possibly imagine…I’m walking into my own horizon of beautiful and limitless ever expanding light.


I got home in time to integrate prior to attending my weekly Spiritual classes with A&C and J&S. Of course, all my choices were confirmed as my mentors Anne and Catrina discussed DIVINE POWER (I broke down in tears instantly) followed by a divinely guided and healing TFAS class with Jeff and Shaleia as they LOVED us and took our entire class deeper into love. 


After I wrote this and got ready for work this morning. I forgot my boots in the car and instinctively just opened a new pair I picked up earlier last week.


I physically stepped into my new boots this morning!


On the way in, I ran into the one star, told him I choose to follow my heart. He said I have great instincts and then asked - Are you going to serve this cloth in the military framework or outside of it.


As he walked into a meeting I answered with:


I don't know, I'm taking one step at a time and allowing it to unfold.


He laughed and said "cloth...unfold" well played.


I calmly walked away, looking at my new boots.


Next Chapter



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