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Living My Purpose, Army Strong - 7- "Peace is with You"

April 1, 2018



Is peace within what you seek? 


Peace is defined by Merriam Webster as “freedom from disturbance; tranquility”. On this day, many are extending hands of peace to one another. I remember being raised in church, every Sunday we would shake hands with our neighbor and say “May Peace be with You”. It’s a beautiful tradition to spread peace, we should do this everyday, not just on holidays or once a week.


When exactly did you choose to lose it...Choose to let your internal peace go? To believe this was not a choice you made is resisting the truth. As we have  the power of choice in all areas of our lives. 


Are you thinking this through in your mind right now? Trying to figure out when you chose to let go of your own internal right to peace? Justifying it by projecting others are the reason you don’t have it? Your mind is caught in a cycle of thought…This is your intelligence at work, needing the proof you are right and I wrong - yes? 


What is intelligence? 


Intelligence is defined by Merriam Webster as “the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations, the skilled use of reason”. Earning a PhD and as an Active duty military officer, I deeply value intelligence and the drive for the truth. Any military intelligence officer will tell you, the intelligence is always deepening and changing based on new information received. This new intelligence changes the operational environment in new and dynamic ways. We can react differently once the intelligence is known, until then, we must act based on what we know at the time. 


New Intelligence that changes the environment sometimes upsets many as they are attached to the “Plan” with the old intelligence. They resist the desire for change because of all the time they invested into the current plan with the old intelligence and the fear of the unknown in regards to the new information. What if they mess up? What if they lead their troops to death? What if they fail? All their fears immediately arise to the surface.


Ultimately, the failure to embrace change and remain attached to an old plan results in the death of many. The failure to adapt and embrace new intelligence in War leading to death can be reviewed in any war you’d like… just pick one. You can also review, in the same war, the opponents willingness to embrace new intelligence leading to the survival of many….


It’s not intelligence that saves lives, it’s releasing the resistance of attachment and embracing the truth as it is provided to you which ultimately changes the course and creates a new environment grounded in truth and an increased awareness. 


If gaining new intelligence can swiftly change a battlefield based on truth, is it not the same in life? What stops us from accepting new intelligence that deepens our awareness and understanding of life? Why do we “stick” with what we know and resist embracing the truth laid before us? 


This need for continuous proof of what we truly desire has many stuck in an unfulfilling day to day life.  When all your energy is focused on outdated intelligence you put your energy into a plan based on habits, thoughts, and emotions. This continuous pattern playing out in your life conditions your behavior overtime to accept the fallacy you have become accustomed to and resist embracing the truth laid before you. This conditioning creates resistance to the unknown, resistance to the truth, and resistance to the deep desire you feel to let go of the outdated information and change the plan based on new intelligence, ultimately changing your life. 


Why do people fear change? If you are embracing the truth within, that the peace we seek is within us. Then the change you resist is not change at all. When we make the choice to release the resistance to our own internal peace, we are making the choice NOT TO CHANGE who we are at the core. We are choosing in that moment to live life aligned at our core. We make the choice to not change who we are and release the resistance we’ve created to our true selves that has built up overtime by societal, cultural, and environmental conditioning. 


Any teacher will tell you, when you teach, you learn, it is an energetic equal exchange of energy. A Course in Miracles noted “The message of the crucifixion was, Teach only love, for that is what you are…Therefore every lesson you teach, you learn. If this is true, than we must teach only one lesson. That of which we are… Love".


The only way for us to truly embrace peace is to teach it, for when we teach we learn. How do we learn it to teach it? The first step is to recognize the resistance within oneself and choose to release it. It’s the false belief that you do not have peace, that only others can provide you what you seek. This fallacy you continue to believe keeps you from embracing the basic truth, the intelligence that is laid before you…the peace you seek is already within you. 


With Love,



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Living My Purpose, Army Strong - 7- "Peace is with You"

April 1, 2018

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