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Living my Purpose, Army Strong - 6 - What are you Doing?

January 12, 2018


What a gift to feel such peace. I had no idea it was a possibility to feel so light, easy, and free. I spent the majority of my life repressed, quiet, caged. In more ways than I can count. Little things such as - this is bedtime, this is when you wake, sleep, eat. To larger more dramatic internal trauma and fear... but as my spiritual community would say - all resistance is the same regardless of the severity you try and put on it. A block, resistance to your good, is a block, bottom line. 


If you choose to sleep at any other time but at night you are "lazy" or "missing out on life". If you eat outside the allotted times you are "unhealthy". If you are awake at all hours or past this time, you are suffering from Insomnia. 


What if we just get rid of labels all together? Set aside "time". Follow our hearts and live life with passion, free, without constraints. 


Live a life of Peace.


What a gift to watch my life unfold. Help Warriors suffering from PTSD to find their inner power, the truth,  and guide them to heal the resistance to their own good.


Help our children grow up in a world focused on inner peace instead of external acceptance. 


Mario and I have two boys. They have been surfacing into my consciousness the last couple of days and how they are being raised. No different than any other children their age in our society. It made me a little sad and defensive if I'm being honest.


My boys are worthy of the best possible life filled with unconditional love and purpose. A Divine life. As I mirrored these feelings, I realized, I am part of their journey home. I am part of our boys living a fulfilled and passionate life grounded in unconditional love. 


That is the choice I made as I mirrored my upsets surrounding the boys. 


I choose for all my children to live a Divine Life. 


As I said the affirmation and even in this moment writing it now, it expands well beyond the children I share with my twin. I remember a message I received through my Spiritual mentor from a female ancestor, Neema:  


Our lineage is full of great female healers and leaders. You have a role in this lifetime as a nurturer and you will have many children.


I knew what this meant as Jeff had also told me my life purpose was to bring people back to God. 


To me God is Love. God is the feeling we have when we are home. God is everything around us. 


I just remembered when I was a company commander. I had gone on leave (vacation) and came back to my house and it just didn't feel right, it felt so-so. It wasn't until the next day, I walked into my office at work and felt it. 


I felt Home..that warm, safe, secure, comfortable feeling of love when walking into your home after days away... in that very moment...I knew I was exactly where I was meant to be doing what I was meant to do in my life. Lead our Warriors.


I lead others through Divine Love. It is natural for me and is what separates me from many other leaders. It's a feeling people experience when around me, it's a comfort, a sense of being home and is what inspires them to share their struggles with me. This has been a great constant in my life - people sharing with me. Some do it without even understanding why...


I've been told many times by fellow comrades I am "beloved". I never truly received it or believed it until now. It almost brings me to tears and fills me with such joy. I simply nurtured them - I love them naturally...It's not about me, it never was nor ever will be. It's always been and will always be about the warriors I stand next to...Always. 


There is a difference between knowing and understanding your purpose, feeling your purpose and actually setting intentions and taking direct action in completing your life purpose. There is such power in encompassing your mission in life.  


You literally can't fail. It's impossible!! 


I also see what I and others in my community are walking into.  The speeches we will give, the people we will help, the giant packed auditoriums and interviews we will do.  There is no doubt in my mind, we will collectively end this suffering. I am so deeply grateful to God for this gift - what a ride! 


A ride that started with a choice. I chose Love. Now - I am Love and I Never Fail! 


Everything I do is actioned by one very specific intention - to serve others through unconditional love and bring them back Home. 


You are either Giving, Resting or Dying ~Jeff 


What are you Doing? 


Next Chapter


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