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Living My Purpose - Army Strong - 5 - Train Your Brain

January 2, 2018


True Love interrupts our patterns of fear

~Jeff (TFAS Class)


Our brain is an organ but it behaves like a muscle. We can train our brains to think a certain way. If I say “Don’t think about Elephants”. You instantly start thinking about elephants, the rough grey skin, the big giant ears, the trunk.


The Mirror Exercise is a training tool for your brain to replace all fear based thoughts with the truth. Just like we train in the military to conduct SPORTs when our weapon jams or instantly provide combat life saving skills to a buddy in need - we are trained to instantly react.


The mirror exercise does the same exact thing for any fear based thoughts, we can train our brains to see the truth in every situation.


Prior to implementing this tool in my daily life, I would catastrophize every situation instantly. For example, I always felt like a person was going to attack me on the street or in the salad bar line. Which is absolutely irrational - but that is the truth. I would always be on guard or feeling insecure around others.


My brain was trained to catastrophize and I would instantly start feeling anxious, scared, and uncomfortable around others.


The Mirror exercise is very simple. It is 4 steps.


Step 1: Identify the upset: People are upsetting me because they are going to attack me.


Step 2: Turn the Upset on yourself: I am upsetting myself because I am going to attack myself.


Step 3: Is this true: Yes. Go Deeper: I am upsetting myself because I am attacking myself. I was attacking myself, every single day with these fear based thoughts.


Step 4: Love yourself: I choose to Love myself here and to stop terrorizing myself. I choose to see the truth. The truth is no one is attacking me. 


I do not choose to live this way anymore. I choose to see the truth. And so it is.


Now - as you do the mirror exercise, we are always provided “practice” to see if we really learned our lesson.


Exercise: For the next hour or so, try catching yourself every time you internally attack yourself or have a fear based thought. Stop do the mirror exercise and make a new choice.


How long did you go without having a fear based thought? When I started this, I couldn't make it 5 minutes. Now I hardly if ever have a fear based thought. 


No one should live in fear. If this resonates with you, please check my website for resources and coaches to help you. 


If you are active duty military - reach out to me personally. Jeff and I will help you heal your PTSD so you can move forward with your life. 


I also did a video on this topic, please like, share, and subscribe to my Youtube Channel!!




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This just skimmed the surface of what the Mirror Exercise can do for you. I recommend Jeff and Shaleia's book, it is currently ONLY $9.99 on Kindle and dedicates an entire Chapter (Chapter 5) to the Mirror Exercise. 


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