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My Journey Home - 21 - Attention is on the Intention

January 2, 2018


It's a New Year and I am so excited!! This year is going to be epic! My new year resolution was provided to me by one of my previous spiritual mentor "Focus your Attention on your Intentions". Yes, Yes, Yes!! 


This picture was created for me by a TFAS classmate and she absolutely captured my HTFU and Life Purpose. It is absolutely beautiful. If you read my blog - awhile back you would remember my rainbow! Yes, the rainbow signifies hope and light. Mario and I are completing our life purpose together of bringing people back to God - bringing people HOME! Yes - Andiamo!! Let's Go! 


One part of my life purpose is bridging perceived opposites, such as spirituality and the military. That is one of my first tasks, and I am definitely up for the challenge! As you can see, Mario and I are holding a ladder from earth to Heaven and the river is a flow of God's children we are guiding up the ladder home!!! I love how the clouds above us depict angels wings as I know our Twin Flame TFAS Angels are supporting us in every moment on our journey. 


This picture really captures my 2018 New Year's resolutions to be in Harmonious Union with my True Twin Flame and bring our warriors home - truly home - heal their Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and help them find the peace within they truly deserve. 


I desire this from the depths of my core! 


This lesson my previous mentor taught me could help everyone this time of year regardless of where you are on your journey. Let's unpack this a bit shall we. 


Where is your attention focused this New Years? Many in our society get this process wrong. They desire a particular outcome but focus their attention on how they are NOT achieving the outcome opposed to focusing on the intention of their desires. A specific example is losing weight - what is the intention behind the weight loss? To feel better about yourself, to be accepted by others, to feel healthy in your skin, or maybe to accept yourself? As we start going deeper, we begin to understand, the goal has actually nothing to do with the external result of weight loss but how you feel about the weight internally.


The key is understanding your desires and as my mentors would say, focusing your attention on your intentions.


Exercise: Take a moment and write out 3 of your goals. Do not judge yourself, just write out the goals. Now, truly reflect on what that goal internally means to you. What is the intention behind that outcome? Instead of focusing your attention on the outcome - place your attention on the intention of your goal.


These are my goals in 2018 and watch me soar into Harmonious Twin Flame Union with my man and heal our warriors!!! Andiamo! 


Next Chapter  on my Life Purpose 



Please reference my glossary for terms.


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