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My Journey Home - 20 - Divine teaching

December 7, 2017


There's a difference between being dependent on a spiritual teacher and finding truth and a grounded foundation based on Divine teachings from a spiritual teacher.

As I continue on this journey I really started grasping many do not see the difference.

A true spiritual teacher will not encourage you to align with or rely on them, they will lead you to align with God.

Harmonious Twin Flame Union occurs when we clear the belief we are separate from God

This topic comes up often from different parties. Sometimes in the TFAS group, in class, chatting with my classmates, and even random people I talk to everyday at work.

This false belief in regards to the teacher is taught to us as children. Kids must obey parents (the teacher), learn, and mold to a particular mindset or way of being...respect the elders and place them on pedestals.

This communicates ego and results in us seeing ego instead of truth. 

Children are some of our greatest spiritual teachers. God speaks through us all especially children and our inner child.

As a military leader, I choose to learn from everyone. I've always held the belief we can learn from privates just as much as we can learn from Generals.


It is not surrendering to the teacher as we are all equal and children of God.

It is making a choice to surrender to Divine teachings provided by Source through others.

There is a difference.


Where many seem to struggle is choosing who to follow.

How did I know to follow Jeff and Shaleia?

Or, why do others choose to follow me?


I followed truth. I followed what felt good.

I was drawn to them because they love others and I simply listened to my intuition and their teachings.


Others follow me because I love them. It feels right.

Just as I listened to my intuition on joining the Army, while being screamed at by a parent out of fear. That choice was right for me, and ultimately landed me in Italy, financially independent, living my life purpose, 10 minutes away from my true twin flame.

I have not been on a "spiritual path" seeking enlightenment my entire life or striving to be on the cutting edge of spiritual understanding.

I trusted my intuition and acted in faith.

I tried new things, new ways of being that were different than the societal teachings of my youth or what I always did.


I followed my heart.

The foundation of my life built on fears and illusions crumbled away piece by piece not to be rebuilt but for me to find a foundation of unconditional love that always existed beneath the illusion.


The fear of change is an illusion that keeps you away from your Divine right, the foundation of unconditional love you were born with... it is right in front of you to claim.

My day to day life did change but I can't imagine or desire to turn back to my life 9 months ago as that is now inconceivable to me... it's a vague concept. 


Honestly it feels insane.

Moving forward with the Divine is the only choice I desire.

As my new choices were challenged by many over the last 9 months, I wavered once or twice and quickly realized that did not align or FEEL good. 

Making a choice that aligned with what others thought, never felt right to me. These choices resulted in me feeling upset.

Going within and doing  mirror work  to heal upsets always resulted in me deepening my love for myself and making new choices.

There is also NO need to hack out a new trail to the Divine within as one has been made for us.

I stumble across many who believe they have to try everything themselves first before asking for help.

This is simply not true as God does not know suffering. Man chooses to suffer.


We have been provided a potent tool to end all upsets within, the mirror exercise.

It's a choice to understand the difference between being dependent on a person or inter-dependent and intimately co-creating with the Divine.

Dependency and Deep Interdependent intimacy are two very different things

Healing within and making new choices and surrendering to the Divine is the way to heaven on earth.

I am deeply grateful for those that paved the way ❤

We are One and Heal as One.
There is no change to fear
Only truth to See as fear is an illusion
I awake to the truth
I awake to the now
I choose alignment with God
I am Divine.
I am significant and my Divine Path will transform this world.

I choose heaven Consciousness
I choose to see love wherever I am
I choose to acknowledge I am Love.
I am a Divine Being
I am perfect.

I choose to awake from the illusion of fear within my existence and understand who I really am and choose to surrender the reins of my existence to my Creator realizing I was, am, and will always be Free.

~And So it 


Next Chapter

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