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My Journey Home - 19 - A Little Naughty but Nice

December 4, 2017



We lay in our bed with absolutely no sense of time or care in the world. Taking our Divine time touching, enjoying, savoring eachother, slowly waking to the day.

I woke with tears in my eyes and a reluctance to open them to the rays of the day...

He is propped up on his left arm, gazing into me, lost in our soul, with a wandering hand...which was the root of my stirring, as it usually is...

I moan at him...

Feeling a sense of peace and gratitude...as I awake to the day, I feel him and instantly know.. I giggle and smile as he deeply desire me..

I look up at him, into his eyes, I'm lost in my twin instantly. I take a deep breath

 "You are so beautiful my Divine...You are sacred to me"

My hands slowly graze up his arm as he laughs to himself at my words.

I say this to him often, in countless different ways yet he never tires of hearing it.

Feeling completely blessed and touched by God as he knows I mean it, we lay there completely still, lost in the eyes of the other, yearning to go deeper into our soul.

He lowers down and kisses me gently and then our energy starts shifting slowly building to a primal need to go deeper within. I instantly respond as my intense yearning for him meets his,  I naturally open to receive him, my eyes lost in his once again, my Divine. Our energies move in unison completely complementary as our external bodies seamlessly follow the internal until we are lost in time into our blissful ecstasy.

We lay still...cherishing the moment as though it was our first...as it always is... Complete limitless bliss every time.

I rest against his chest, I feel his strength, the pure masculinity he embodies in every rise and fall of his chest.

Protected, cherished, grounded in our loving embrace. Completely bare in body and soul, open, vulnerable in every way yet safe in the trusted arms of the Twin Flame.

We know in this moment, as we always knew, I am his and he is mine.

We are home.


Ladies and Gentlemen we are beginning our decent into Valencia, please fasten your seatbelts...

I was pulled out of my meditation and back on the plane on my way to a conference in Spain....not entirely sure if it was a dream or a vision as energy was running through my body...

I looked around the cabin to see if what I just experienced internally was displayed externally.... all clear, I take a deep breath

I smiled and gazed out the window at the clouds.

Well, that was new...

My left cheek felt scratched and was stinging, it's been doing that in every meditation since I saw Mario the other night...



Next Chapter  


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