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My Journey Home - 18 - Taking Action

December 4, 2017


As I exited the car, I accidently honked the horn...smooth Chrissy


It was nighttime as the sun sets early in November. The shop was full of people. There were several workers behind the counter, a couple others running around the back, and a handful of ladies shopping for tennis shoes for their kids.


The employees behind the register immediately greeted me and asked if they could help. I simply shook my head no and asked for Mario. They pointed at him, he was on the other side of the store talking on a phone. I simply smiled.


I walked around the ladies shopping and stood in the corner waiting. I was surprisingly calm, I felt extremely peaceful… Mario had not seen me yet.


He turned around, saw me and waved. Then he disappeared into a stockroom or office of some kind. My heart started pounding. I took some deep breaths and mirrored the nervousness.


Mario walked back out and was pacing around a portion of the shop. I calmly waited.


He got off the phone and looked at me, I smiled.


I instantly felt a protective energy. Mario had a confused yet concerning look on his face.


What is wrong, are you ok, did something happen?


No Mario, Of course I am ok.


He walked over in a very stern energy with his hands folded in front of him. His stance was mirroring a basketball player about to make a Pick in basketball with a WTF are you doing here look on his face.


I just smiled.


I said, un momento, and pulled out my phone. I had translated in Italian a couple sentences to tell him thanks for everything he had done for me this year, I was very grateful and I had a gift for him.


He looked at the message – looked more confused – and said


What does it mean?


I thought to myself, you don’t understand English…You don’t understand Italian…


Anyways, I instantly realized I just needed to talk to him. He understands ME, it’s not about the language we use – it’s about us and our energy. 


There are no barriers between twins.


We know how to communicate with each other and it’s absolutely perfect, we always understand the other.


It was a beautiful moment of clarity for me as we are truly one.


I told him in broken English why I came and handed him his gift. It was in a small black bag.


I said – A gift.


Mario’s stern stance instantly melted. He took a deep breath and physically let out a big sigh.


He took the bag from me….


For Mario?


Yes, for Mario.


He gave me a standards Italian greeting of a hug and kiss on both cheeks.


My cheek brushed his beard and it felt scratchy...


Our eyes locked.


It felt like everyone else in the room disappeared…it was only me and him.


We stood there for several moments in our own little energetic bubble.


We snapped out of it and he started walking me to the door.


I had completed our next step.


As I got in my car, I realized – everyone in his life needs something from him. Everyone is always taking, needing, asking…


I simply made an effort to just love him unconditionally with no expectations or strings attached.


I drove away feeling completely at peace.


It was not until days later I realized just how magical that moment truly was….it was an absolute gift from God.


I also knew – we were just getting started.


Next Chapter  


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