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My Journey Home - 17 - A Deeper Knowing

December 4, 2017


It’s been a little over a month since Mario sent me his birthday for Shaleia’s reading. I had not heard from him since but also was not concerned about it – I know this is an internal journey.


I continued to work on internal fears and many things in my external world were forming up. One of my favorite transformations was my work environment. I decided to redecorate my office and it is SO much more inviting and cozy.


I put flower decals on the wall and a beautiful motivational quote; I brought in inspirational books and even manifested a plush leather couch. It was a place I wanted to be now and everyone was spending more time visiting with me which was great for creating the appropriate energetic loving space for my Life Purpose work.


The guys in the office were a tad uncomfortable and laughed at me but I didn’t care as they too were spending more time in my office….so even if they weren’t communicating it externally – they loved it!


I was working through a major block in regards to listening to myself and trusting my intuition. I had been experiencing an earache in my right ear. I finally asked Jeff and Shaleia in class and was informed when my right ear aches I am no listening to myself, and when the left ear aches, I am not listening to others.


This was the next step in building up my confidence.


The next couple of days, I really reflected on Shaleia’s words and was trying to figure out how I was not listening to myself. The only thing that I could think of was a couple times in the car I had a random thought of “Go to him”. I knew this referred to Mario and I really believed it was a fear-based thought derived from neediness and conditional based thinking.


“Go To Him” – that sounds crazy.


I decided to meditate on this and ask God for specific guidance and a sure-fire sign this was our next step as I have only actually seen Mario twice – most of our correspondence was via emails. We had done so much healing since then…to include Jeff’s MAP session healing my PTSD and the deep healing we received from Shaleia’s multi-analysis romance report.


I made a choice and surrendered. The next night I was talking to a friend and she randomly said


“Chrissy, Go to Him”


I stopped dead cold in my tracks turned the volume up on my phone because I obviously misheard her…


What did you just say?


“You heard me – Go to Him”.


My mouth dropped…


WTF….Yikes – this was a big step to take. I felt it, it was my next step. I instantly felt scarred and hesitant…


It was a holiday weekend, so I had plenty of time before my next trip as I was heading to Spain on Monday. I thought, well, no time like the present.


I decided I would go the next day.


I woke up and spent the entire day meditating and healing any and all upsets that arose. If I was going to walk into my twin’s workplace, It would be from a place of grounded unconditional love and free of all fears.


I knew it was the right choice as just the thought brought feelings of fear to the surface for clearing. I made the decision, and took action.


I had bought him a gift awhile back as a thank you and thought this was a good time to give it to him.


I had messages in my daily readings expressing the importance of giving a small token or gift to others. 


That was what this was... just a friendly gift.


I had no expectations, I simply was following my guidance and loving my twin flame.


I started driving to his shop and got lost twice, I almost turned back, but instantly knew I would regret it.


This was our next step, I needed to trust myself and my guidance.


I pulled up to his shop, took a deep breath, and walked in…


Next Chapter 


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