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My Journey Home - 16 - A Deeper Understanding

December 3, 2017


It's incredible how much my life has changed since joining TFAS. Looking in from the outside not much seemed to change. I still have the same job, my household items and material goods are the same, I continue to travel the world and experience new things... the differences seem minimal in my extrenal reality but that is far from the actual truth. 


It had been over a month since I heard from my twin flame. I felt we were ready for the next step. I decided to order Shaleia's Romance Analysis Multi-Reading. This is their most in-depth reading and it expands on both me and my twin flame. I had been wanting one for awhile and just decided it was time.


I had ordered the report without my twins actual birthday. Shaleia had asked me for it a few days later and I had not talked to my twin for a couple of weeks...I asked him for this gift being completely honest as to my intentions...and surrendered the outcome to God.


One of the greatest gifts of this journey is giving everything to Source... All good and perceived bad energy - the Universe knows what to do with it.


I am extremely dedicated to my spiritual practice and the next morning I decided to make a choice. I was getting ready for a conference in a hotel room in Iceland, I looked in the mirror, took a deep breath and said:


We will always support eachother in our spiritual growth.


About 10 minutes later, standing in line to register for the conference, I received an email from my twin, he sent me his Birthday...


I started laughing - I was absolutely amazed! I felt this was our next step and he confirmed 100% it was the right decision.


Twin Flames always choose together!


I received the romance analysis multi-reading from Shaleia a little over a month ago. It took several weeks to fully integrate the healing, and honestly I'm still finding knew areas to go deeper within myself when I review the report. The deep understanding of both myself and my twin that was brought into my awareness is priceless. 


I started the upheavel prior to the actual time Shaleia spent with me. My Chakras were opening and I knew I called in a massive healing with this report. It was similar to flu like symptoms but I knew this was healing.


In order to truly lead a spiritual life and align with my purpose – I had to face down all fears and illusions.

This included that my childhood was not all ponies and rainbows. There were many times, I was not treated with respect. 


My report highlighted a lot of these actions or behaviors that have been a constant my entire life yet I did not realize it. For example:


My strong spiritual personality calls in space from others for internal processing and growth. This is a cycle I now see very clearly throughout my life.


My twin has the same pattern that manifests as indecisiveness and a restlessness in relationships. 


In the past it would result in me seeking isolation and feeling a sense of self-doubt in my feelings and needs. Moving forward I can now recognize this energy and embrace the oppotunity to grow deeper in love with God, myself, and my twin.


The internal sense of comfort and confidence in my choices has grown beyond measures. The best example is a response I received several weeks ago from my superiors on a complaint submitted. 


I simply told my truth and was completely detached from the outcome. My card reading that morning informed me of the decision that I would receive, I sat with it and was in complete acceptance as this was God's plan. 


When I got the reponse, I simply accepted the outcome. I was NOT a victim.


I was so proud of myself. Wow... what a moment for me. 


As I promised in my correspondence to my twin, I sent him our report.


I had no idea how he would react, but his feelings and how he reacts are not my concern.


I was just simply grateful for his unconditional love and support in my choice to grow spiritually with him.


Even when I hit the "send" button, I couldn't help thinking, how accurate our report was and what he would think about the information presented to us both.


What a gift, I was bursting with love and gratitude and felt extremely playful and filled with joy.


Next Chapter  


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