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Living My Purpose - Army Strong - 6 - Choosing to Jump

June 8, 2019



The last week or so, I felt as though I hit a wall with my Life Purpose work. The challenge I am encountering is many in my field with PTSD are hesitant because of the stigma in our profession, do not know they are hurting, or simply do not desire or have motivation to heal themselves. 


A couple months ago, I had no idea I was suffering with post traumatic stress. Mainly because I felt I had never experienced a life threatening or traumatic event to JUSTIFY PTSD. When did it become a requirement to justify feelings or behaviors?


I look back on my life and how my PTSD symptoms would come and go. I wasn't constantly experiencing "flashbacks" or sleepless nights, I did occasionally. I experienced continuously slapping myself internally (which is a different form of a flashback). I also had solid unhealthy cycles of self-sabotage, drinking, easily angered or startled, avoidance, and instant gratification behavior. I implemented resiliency techniques or other positive psychology methods to mitigate and decrease the symptoms or avoided my triggers. 


These techniques would last awhile but the patterns just emerged in a different area of my life. I was completely and unknowingly emotionally numbed out. I would instantly be overwhelmed with emotions, good or bad, it didn't matter. 


The unhealthy cycles and PTSD symptoms never actually went away until after receiving the mind alignment process (MAP). 


Reality is I did experience trauma and I had PTSD. The reason I did not know was because I learned to live with it. I truly did not know there was another way.


Having PTSD was part of my "normal". I remember talking to a dear friend of mine about peace on earth and ending terrorism. He noted, if we all live in peace, we would not know evil. I laughed and agreed, but we do have history books. 


I also recognized the fear he held of the unknown.


He was actually fearful of only experiencing peace. I realized I too was fearful of only experiencing peace within. What if I could have it? What if I could actually stop terrorizing myself and then help others end cycles of internal terror. 


What a gift that would be.... To end our suffering.


It was actually a scary thought. I made a choice to live a life free of all fear. To align with my true self... this was just the next step. 


So I jumped. Granted, Jeff held my hand as I jumped....but I jumped. (Thank You Jeff).

Taking the first step and making the choice to heal was the easiest yet "hardest" decision. 


In that very moment I chose to change. 


Yes. Your life will change after being healed from PTSD.  


That is the simple truth.  


The unhealthy cycles will fall away. Your behaviors, actions, and desires will align with healthy patterns naturally. 


Here's the thing...the dark, scary, unknown portal to healing your PTSD has been lit. 


As an active duty military leader, I walked the path, received the gift, and am laying it out for my military family.


There is no need to suffer on the way to freedom within yourself. It simply requires a choice.


The choice to jump. 


The choice to trust.


The choice to change.


From the person who jumped into the dark cave to end my suffering. 


I would do it again, to be free. 


To live in peace. 


The beautiful part - it took one session via Skype and was completely pain free ❤. 


Learn more here: mindalignmentprocess.org 











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