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My Journey Home - 15 - Messages

October 6, 2017


I laughed at the thought of that idea. I 100% believe in twin flames – Mario would not be in my life or even talking to me right now if that were not the case.


I just knew he was showing me my next set of blocks to work on and I was up for the task. As I continued to heal and choose love, he would enter back into my physical life and we would be stronger together.


There was doubt that needed to be addressed and cleared in regards to trusting myself and my feelings.


He requested I stop communicating with him, therefore somewhere along my journey, I stopped listening to myself and communicating with the Divine.


Busy with work and not taking time out to enjoy life, that is a big block for me as I always put work first.


I did this with every piece of his letter that upset me.


I mirrored the upsets, healed within, and made new choices. Mario is my ultimate teacher, he will lead me directly to God, myself, and ultimately him.  


I also took some time to appreciate the love that was there…Mario always communicates to me if I work on myself, and find internal peace, my true love will appear.


I do agree that this communication was necessary for us to move forward and I completely trust that as I clear these blocks and others that surface along the way and  choose love in every moment he will be magnetized to me.


It was the best birthday present ever!


For the next month that is exactly what I did. I followed my heart in every aspect of life to include work, my life purpose, making time for me, exploring new hobbies and interests, spending time with my friends and simply enjoying life.


I had started exercising routinely and taking walks outside. I still had not heard from Mario but I wasn’t worried about it as I simply was comfortable in my own space.


One day, I decided prior to leaving my work grounds, I would walk around the area. As I walked outside to a beautiful Italian Day – I looked up and saw the most beautiful rainbow. It wasn’t raining at all and I didn’t feel precipitation in the air.


But there it was – this big beautiful light in the sky. I couldn’t do anything but walk right to it. As I did, it grew and made a complete half-moon circle, it had every color in it to include purple. I just started laughing, it filled me with such joy.


I kept getting closer and closer, and taking pictures of it. I felt like I could just walk through it! As I started my walk, I just kept looking at it and smiling, it was so beautiful.


I had been seeing rainbows often but this one was different….


I then remembered what Jeff told me one day in class when he was telling each of us how far away we were from our Harmonious Twin Flame Union.


He told me my union was that bright light on the horizon…the one really far away.


I could see it in my mind. It was a line of light in the stars, lightyears away from me.


Jeff told me in that moment – it’s closer than you think.


I had not thought of that moment in class until I was standing there looking at my rainbow.


I closed my eyes and envisioned myself running right through it…completely free, loved, and whole within myself.


I guess it is closer than I thought...


Next Chapter


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