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My Journey Home - 14 - Doubts Surfacing

October 6, 2017


We were entering September, my birthday month!!! I really felt like this was the start of a new life for me. Everything was aligning, I was healing every block that surfaced and my life purpose work was really moving forward. Mario and I had been talking at the same steady pace and I was feeling as if we were moving to the next level.


One major change in my life was the patterns I lived in for so long were effortlessly falling away. I loved this part of the healing journey as it opened my life up to new possibilities and positive experiences. As I cleared negative patterns and cycles, I felt freer in every moment.


The amazing part of this all was as I continued working for the Army and from the outside looking in, not much changed. Internally, everything shifted!


This is an internal journey. The external will always follow the internal.


I felt confident, compassionate, strong, loving, and just positive about every moment and experience in my life. I only saw Love in every moment.


As the days flew by, I realized it had been awhile since I heard from Mario and I was inspired to reach out to him and say hello. It was my birthday after all…


I remember Jeff telling me in class awhile back to invite him over to see my fish tank…although, I don’t have a fish tank (LoL) … I never did ask him because I was scared. But, there is no reason for fear, so I thought, what the hell.


I am within him and he is within me.


Hello Marioooo,

Today is my birthday (whoop, whoop).

I feel like celebrating this awesome life. ❤🎊🎊❤

I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am to have met you. You're the best!

I would love to have a drink with you sometime.... my place has a beautiful sunset view 😉

Wishing you a great day my love 😘😘




I was pulling out of work and then, ping, mail from Mario! I was so excited, I stopped driving to read his message!



Hi Chrissy,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you are fine, i am coming from my vacation and i start work ...and like usually i am busy and i forgot sometime the earth turns you know what i mean. i appreciate the congratulations you reserve for me...but i am sorry for all this situation


Chrissy i would like you understand my sensation, i don't belive in twin flame theory, i have a sensation all this history make you hurt it is not my desire, i would like you stay happy, and i am sure that i am NOT your divine companion,


i know this mail  ruin your special birthday but i dediced that it will better if we stop also our email at the beginning that hurt you but by the time you will stay to much better than now.


Sorry for displeasure but it is necessary...


CHRISSY have a good life, continue for research never tire of it and you will always happy, and TRUE LOVE arrives

good luck


I read it and instantly thought…. So no drinks then….


I was SO excited to hear from him, I wasn’t concerned at all about the choice he was making to stop communicating with me.


I knew this was just my next opportunity to mirror any upsets or beliefs he was highlighting. As I choose to heal within, God will bring us together. That is how this works and I trust it…


As I drove away, I thought about that. Do I trust it?


Him not believing in the twin flame theory was a big one as this is what I had been working towards for so long.


I have doubts surrounding this is possible, this level of love exists and I am worthy of it all.


Holy Shit – does that mean I do not believe in twin flames?


Next Chapter


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