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Living My Purpose, Army Strong - 4 - Lead MAP Advocate

September 26, 2017




As I navigated through the last couple of weeks as a person healed from PTSD, I captured multiple lessons learned to aide in my Life Purpose Work.


1. Military Mental Health is Overwhelmed. We have service members going in to request treatment and not enough providers to assist. The system has a high input but limited to no output. In addition the stigma that PTSD or any psychological condition will affect your career still exists and sadly I experienced this stigma the most in the psychiatrist’s office.


2. I Made the Choice to Heal. Walking around the halls and talking to my comrades FREE of internal terror and living a life of peace – the only thing I want to do is share it. The healing comes from God, from Love. Many are not ready to accept what I am offering, I realize the unknown is why many stay frozen - living in terror.


Choose Love and See the Truth


3. Jeff Healed my  PTSD with the Mind Alignment Process (MAP). MAP is a transcendental method Jeff and Shaleia developed with pieces of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), modern psychology, ancient meditation techniques, and a simple understanding of how the mind works. I HAD PTSD. Jeff HEALED my PTSD using the Mind Alignment Process.


I will spend the rest of my life advocating MAP – I claim my position as the Lead MAP Advocate. I choose to bring this method into the military framework and heal our formations.


4. MAP versus Mental Health. You cannot give a gift you have yet to receive. We have counselors spinning their wheels trying to aide patients –the counselors themselves have yet to heal therefore most cannot provide healing. MAP is a flow between two people with a common understanding of trauma such as abuse, depression, anxiety, assault. There is a flow and trust between two people, it is not a checklist or question and answer session.


M.A.P. accesses quickly, simply, gently, and effectively, those places in one's consciousness, and resolves them so they can move on with their lives. It requires absolutely no medication, and absolutely in no way conflicts with any other medical modality or Eastern healing philosophy.


5. The Law of Attraction. Focus on negativity – magnetize negativity. If you focus on trauma – you magnetize trauma. The universe does not know the difference between Sexual Assault Prevention or Sexual Assault; Suicide Prevention or Suicide; Domestic Violence Prevention or Domestic Violence….


It is the SAME energy. Mother Teresa once said (I am paraphrasing here): If you hold an Anti-War Rally do not bother inviting me, you are only promoting war. If you hold a Peace Rally, call – I’ll be there. ~ The Secret


I will focus on Healing and magnetize healing.


6. Healers Derive from the Healed – Anyone who studies the cycle of abuse will confirm, a great deal of abusers derive from the abused. It is time we end this cycle. The military wants to get left of boom in regards to Assault, Abuse, PTSD, Suicide....


It's not about finding the "predators" (the abusers) and sending them into the society we have vowed to protect. It is about healing them and creating a safe space for our society to heal.


As a military leader who experienced the mental health system personally. I DO NOT CARE where you are in your journey. I DO NOT CARE if you are officially diagnosed.


I did not need a medical doctor to tell me I had PTSD, nor do you.


I CARE about one thing, and one thing only – Healing. Let’s Go!  


7. I will bring the MAP into the Military and Heal our Formations -  I am in search of active duty military service members suffering from PTSD to assist in Proof of Concept.


This appointment is free of charge and obligation. If you are helped, and believe others can be helped through MAP, I invite you to simply share this as proof of its efficacy.


This will be more than enough to assist us in our process of massively empowering the military's mental health and effectiveness through MAP.


Jeff healed my PTSD in 1 session. ONE SESSION!! Less than 2 weeks from identifying I had PTSD, I was healed of PTSD.


This program is not mitigation techniques, a resiliency program, or behavior pattern alterations.


This is Healing!


Jeff illustrated that the mind works like a blooming flower. Each petal must arise and unfold before the next layer can unfold. With PTSD, and many other mental issues, fear and trauma stops that flower from unfolding in that place, causing the issue. These blockages can cause many issues, from mildly unpleasant to extremely dangerous and debilitating.


The problem with PTSD is generally a traumatic event which plays over and over again in someone's mind. Sometimes it can be multiple events layered upon one another, with each deeper layer inaccessible until the higher layer has been resolved.


The childhood trauma I experienced did just this - my mind froze. Every time I had a feeling that did not coincide with someone around me - I internally slapped myself and numbed it out. I did this until I was walking through life constantly slapping myself internally and numbing every feeling I felt.


As I began living my life free of PTSD - everything changed. My entire foundation and daily life evolved.


I was patient with myself. I simply noticed the current behavior pattern and made a new choice.


Every new choice - was a stepping stone to the next choice. The unhealthy behavior patterns melted  away - GONE!


This wasn't a military course or basic counseling followed by a week or so of following a routine - the behavior changes are permanent!

I am creating a series of videos of how I identified the behavior patterns and simply  made a choice to change the pattern. These behaviors no longer served me. I had no desire to continue them!


There is no "relapsing" or fear of falling back into the negative behavior patterns because I am healed. There is only a choice to be made and I choose to move forward.


My Life Before and After the Mind Alignment Process


Next Chapter 


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