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My Journey Home - 13 - Effortless Gifts

August 31, 2017


As I was working on a class in the Twin Flames Dreams Coming True Ecourse, I was instructed to pull out my Love List. It was the first time I looked at it since I was healed of PTSD and ended the last cycle of abuse in my life.


I feel extremely clean and clear…fresh. It is very different than I have ever felt before. As I looked at my love list, it did not align with how I feel today. It was very focused on my previous life experiences which were extremely unhealthy.


Although many attributes still apply and align with my core values - it just felt mucky.


So – Here we go.


I was contemplating on how to create my new Love List and then I realized - Ganesha has been with me through this entire journey. Shaleia connected us, he provided physical signs leading me directly to my twin flame, and I complete a daily reading with him every morning….Too easy!


My Love List.


Embraces Splendor – Recognizes the importance of positive loving relationships, our surroundings, and interacting deeply with others in order to create a healthy and beautiful life


Healing – Living life with a complete, healthy, and whole soul. Understanding and appreciating the energy body, the importance of maintaining energetic alignment, and healing upsets within immediately as they arise.


Generosity – Do the right thing and naturally display compassion for others.


Spiritual Practice – connect with God through a committed practice in order to maintain alignment with the Divine.


Reflection – Honor internal intuition and do not hold back, appreciate the individualism we bring into all situations.


Courage – Follow our heart, communicate our desires, and be guided through empowerment grounded by inner strength, love, truth, and justice.


Steadfastness – unmovable in our life purpose and unwilling to be swayed by others.


Drive – Always start with the basics and zero in on specific tasks and complete them prior to moving forward with others. Never give up and always make choices to move forward in our life purpose work and growing in love with those around us.


Openness – clear away unneeded energy, maintain authenticity, eliminate unhealthy behaviors and relationships, and communicate fully our intentions to others.


Delight – Laugh at every opportunity. 


Prosperity – We create our own reality. The Law of Attraction will continuously be in our favor as we move forward and live life abundantly magnetizing our every desire.


Sustenance – Appreciate all our blessings in each moment while nourishing our desires.


Nurture – Live in our own authenticity and encourage others through providing the example to do the same. See the beauty behind the ego of others and love them for who they truly are at the core.


Childlike Expression – Play, be silly, and nourish our inner child by listening carefully to what we need and want in our hearts.


Relaxation – Dedicate time to relax and nourish our mind, body, and soul in order to maintain overall wellbeing. This creates a solid foundation to live a more balanced life and help others from a loving space.


Personal Transformation – Embrace the journey, our life purpose, and always listen to the still voice within guiding us to grow and embrace our destiny.


Living in my truth every day naturally allows Mario to do the same. As I heal he heals, as I embrace my freedom so does he. How our blocks manifested in our lives is different but as I reflect on this list there is no doubt we complement each other perfectly.


When Mario is being himself, I feel a sense of belonging and protection. He understands me and I am always a priority. I feel blessed and as though this is a new beginning for us. I feel as we interact together we are divinely supported and as we surrender to the journey there is only a positive outlook and a promise of the future.


I used the Whispers of Lord Ganesha by Angela Hartfield to develop my Love list and complete this exercise.


Next Chapter


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