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My Journey Home - 12 - Lessons Learned

August 27, 2017

1. Get involved: Be an active member of the community and SHARE.


Embrace the opportunity to learn every day. The TFAS Facebook community provides a great opportunity to learn from others while sharpening my skills as a divine channel. Communicating my experiences and providing students my perspective on their blocks helps everyone. I learn how to efficiently and effectively mentor someone through a block while the other heals. The beauty of this dynamic is Jeff and Shaleia are present, if I mess up, they will step in and correct it. It is a risk free space to grow as a divine channel while partnering with Jeff and Shaleia in a way.


2. Respect the Spiritual Work and Energy Body: I feel great today BECAUSE of my spiritual work versus I feel great today so I do not need to do spiritual work.


Commit to a daily spiritual practice. The mirror exercise is a foundational tool to maintain our spiritual awareness. The mirror exercise is just a part of my daily spiritual routine. I incorporate multiple daily practices to include meditations and deep contemplation. I FEEL fabulous, grounded, and loving every day because of these practices. I respect the fact they are why I feel great and therefore I will do them every day.


3. Follow and trust your heart not your head.


Accepting the twin flame journey means embracing a new life. I was living in my old foundation and expecting my twin flame to appear in my reality. The reason he was not in my life was because I was embracing a physical reality that did not include him. He once told me “You do not want this life”. He was right. I do not choose the life he was living and I do not choose the life I was living. I choose OUR life – together – Twin Flames in Harmonious Union - Living our twin flame purpose – Together as one! And so it is.


4. I am ONLY responsible for MY feelings.


Following my heart and trusting my decisions resulted in a lot of people getting upset. I am choosing to live a life many still do not understand, therefore they feel I am hurting them. I am only responsible for my feelings. Now, this doesn’t mean I go around being mean. All my choices were and will always be from a place of love, regardless if those on the other end of my decisions understand. I will speak my truth, make choices and clear the blocks in order to manifest HTFU and my Life Purpose.


It is safe to be me. I choose to be heard. I choose to be seen.


5. Be grateful – Show Gratitude – Feel Grateful – Receive Greatness.


Gratitude is a powerful energy because it is founded in love. I did things my way and showed gratitude by following my heart. I maintained true authenticity through showing gratitude. This simple practice led me into manifesting partnerships founded in love and trust and will lead to greatness beyond my wildest dreams.


6. Acknowledge what you’ve called in.


If you are on this journey and feel it will be a fairytale – you are on the wrong train. Your shit will surface and you will be provided the choice to deal with it or run. Face down the shit – we are here to support you. Remember, we are one. Once you heal yourself, you heal others. Own it, Do the work, Ask for Help, Heal, Show Gratitude, Help Others, Move forward.


If you intend to reach HTFU and hide in a hole somewhere on the planet in complete bliss. This may not be your journey as we are meant for greatness - we will collectively love everyone and help everyone who chooses love in this world. Acknowledge what you are calling in - own it - claim your mountain.


7. Friends – Partners – Lovers

This is the twin flame dynamic. This dynamic will continue to surface in other relationships providing the opportunities to deepen the love within other relationships manifesting in your life. Recognize the patterns. If you are deepening relationships with friends and developing partnerships – that is a sign along your twin flame journey. If you are not and continue to just create friendships but no partnerships emerge  - that is also a sign. Recognize your patterns and make the changes to deepen the love in your life.


8. Recognize the Flow

There is a flow to this entire journey. You will experience extreme lows and extreme highs. Eventually the lows won’t be so deep and the highs won’t feel so high. The vibration will even out. It is important to embrace, respect, and accept where you are while desiring more – Love is limitless – therefore this journey and the vibration is limitless. Be patient with yourself.


I always can feel my flow. I can identify when I am stuck and NOT flowing – I make new choices to move forward. If I can’t identify my flow or how to move forward – I ASK for HELP! Vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness.


9. There is no room for Judgement on this Journey

The minute I fully embraced this journey, I fully opened up to everyone about my choices, the universe responded. My life went into full throttle. My abusive cycles surfaced and were cleared, including the one I was currently experiencing. My PTSD was brought to the surface and healed. I embraced my life purpose and am watching that beautifully unfold in front of me. I am talking about it with everyone and not giving a flying fuck if they believe me or not... they will make their own choices and I will embrace the outcome of their choices to choose love and deepen our relationship or they will simply vibe out. I will always choose love.


10. Surrendering


Making these choices and living this life is the easiest thing I have ever done because it is grounded in Love. Staying in control and trying to manipulate or shape my reality was hard, complicated, and ultimately exhausting. I was alive but not living. I was caged.


Letting all that shit go and living my life, surrendering to Love - to God - I am Free.



Next Chapter


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