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The Mind Alignment Process: The Wounded Healer - 1 -

August 20, 2017


I want to wake up every morning and complete my meditation, Oracle Card Reading, and Morning meditation. Every day starts out balanced, peaceful and full of purpose. The card reading is similar to the military’s form of a resiliency “hunt the good stuff” routine. I read my cards and literally have the opportunity to watch my reading unfold throughout the entire day.


Many times I review the cards before bed to feel grateful before drifting to sleep. Feeling grateful is a powerful healing energy.


Yes! Let's Go!


I was on a Mediterranean Cruise. I embraced the opportunity, Harmonious Union with my true twin flame is my priority.  I am also not really a vacationer – I have no need to vacate my life in any way. I am an explorer, therefore wherever I go – I am home. Enjoying a cruise was just another great day in my life.


So, I got to work. A previous Spiritual mentor helped me with claiming the first task in my life purpose: taking responsibility for the ending of the cycle of terrorism within myself.


Having a Twin Flame Coach is vital on the Twin Flame Journey. Everyone requires something different. I recommend going to Twin Flames Universe and signing up for a Free Consultation


Following my Coaching session, I experienced some flashbacks of Childhood Trauma. I decided to conduct the mind alignment process (MAP) on myself to work through them. Jeff introduced me to this technique the week prior when flashbacks emerged from my deployment in Iraq. He helped me heal and we captured the steps he used for a future Life Purpose project.  


To learn more about the Mind Alignment Process and my Work in bringing this to the military. Link in with us on Facebook


A couple days later I sent my work with a note on my progress to my spiritual mentors at the time.  They provided a follow-up email with the wisdom and guidance I needed to move forward.


My Twin Flame Coaches explained: I am a wounded healer  (To the Army, I am a wounded warrior - I am proud of both titles).


Healing the wounds within myself empowers me with the tools to offer that healing to others. In healing the tendency to terrorize myself and releasing the associated fear, I am opening myself up to the discovery and appreciation for the wonderful qualities of my authentic self. It is a beautiful thing!


They also explained the pressure I was feeling in my brow area – almost similar to sinus pressure. This sensation is in the brow chakra and is related to the subconscious (old) belief that I will be attacked and abused, my professional/personal identity will be attacked and abused when I speak my truth and when I engage a group energy with creative solutions to an area of neglect within the established way of doing things.


As I speak my truth and give myself the reassurance and support I need to see my authentic self and speak my authentic truth without reservation, I’ll be moving the creative energy down the chakra system into the heart space.


It is safe to be me. I choose to be seen and I choose to be heard.


It was wonderful to have the TFAS community in my life.


The individual M.A.P. session with Jeff was priceless.  


Jeff and Shaleia's arrival in my life and the time we spent together unfolded in divine timing.


As I was unknowingly entering one of the most pivotal moments in my military career.


Next Chapter.



Glossary of Terms.


*If you are inspired and choose to deepen your relationship with Love by joining TFAS or Life Purpose Class - I invite you to refer me, Chrissy Kay, at time of purchase. You will receive 4 weeks of FREE coaching in my live group coaching class. Check it out here


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