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My Journey Home - 10 - My Life Purpose

August 2, 2017


I knew his family dynamic would work itself out and only required unconditional love and support from me. I needed to focus on my blocks.


I was worried about the Army – how the hell would we make that work. No way would he leave the kids and his business to follow the little lady around. Honestly, I did not want that for either of us or the kids, I love living in Italy.


That was my major block and was the reason I ordered the Twin Flame Soul Design Report.

Jeff sent the report to me on 27 April 2017, over a month ago. I reviewed it but had yet to do a deep dive on the information provided. The soul design report described my perfect state of alignment with my twin flame and life purpose.


Living your life purpose is the next step after harmonious twin flame union. In my mind it is a package deal. If I was not willing to change my life to align with my soul’s desire, my union would not thrive and maintaining the vibration will be difficult over time.


Basically –  I couldn’t crawl into a hole and live happily ever after with my twin flame. I know that shit wouldn’t work, this is not a fairytale. Getting a head start on my life purpose could only help us.


The report Jeff provided is pages of priceless information….


The first part of the report reviewed our numerology in regards to Leadership, wealth, social circle and soul family size. We have a predisposition for leadership, will be financially comfortable, and have a small social circle and average soul family. This aligns with how we have set up our lives. Jeff noted in my first TFAS class, I will be a great leader. I’ve been there done that, I’m really thinking that part is over. I have led countless Soldiers over the years.


The second portion covered our attributes. We are both communicators and I enjoy observing my experiences and expressing them generously. We are both explorers and developers and are naturally driven to ever-changing audiences such as large international environments.


I am active and he is passive. I didn’t agree with this when I first reviewed the report.  I always considered myself passive. As I continue growing spiritually, I now understand I am very active, especially within our Twin Flame dynamic.


I am internally oriented he is externally oriented. This causes us some issues, as I am extremely focused on my inner world and creating emotional experiences for myself. He is focused on his physical experiences. Which is why he’s always surprised when I share my experiences with him, he once called them “astounding”.


The key for us is in balancing this out with both internal and external experiences.


Directly from my Twin Flame Soul Design Report:


My Life Purpose:


…You'll find recording your spiritual insights, coupled with the insights you find from others, then communicating those insights with others, to be extraordinarily satisfying to you. Base everything on a solid foundation and move from that place of groundedness always, and you'll experience deep peace, resolve, resourcefulness, joy, and total happiness in your life filled with purpose.


This is complete truth. I absolutely love writing and journaling. Anytime I have a soldier in my office, I am always trying to share what I’ve learned to help them with their struggles. I’ve been doing that forever.


I have been trying to write my story for years, I know if I write it the right way, I can help so many people. I even took James Patterson’s Mater Class to learn how to engage a reader and keep them hooked.


It just hasn’t surfaced in the way I want to express it….


Jeff also highlighted my Twin's Life Purpose and Our Twin Flame Purpose. Our collective purpose is all about love and compassion and working within the TFAS community. It also stated the following:


You will find when you simply retell what we are sharing, through your own eyes, your own

experience, and your own life, you and your Twin Flame can express this together as one to the massive benefit of all. Remember, everything you are, he is as well….Your Union has the power to change everything for everyone.


Wow - Change everything for everyone...I don't know about all that.


I do know my life purpose involves TFAS, Writing, Leading, and The Army…


Hmmm – I think I may need to reflect on how to go about that…




Note: I Received my TFSDR on 27 April 2017. I started this Blog on 16 July 2017.


I absolutely love writing this blog and sharing my journey. I hope it inspires others to take a leap of faith and make a change.


Every time I read my TFSDR, I find more truth I could not accept prior. It also highlights the dynamics in my Twin Flame relationship to help me see a different perspective.


I highly recommend it.


Choose Love and See the Truth.


Next Chapter


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