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My Journey Home - 9 - Don't Hold Back

August 1, 2017


As Mario and I continued our friendship, we dived into understanding twin flames together. He had never heard of the term and eventually we brought it up for discussion.


We are both researchers, scientific minds. His reactions and our discussions did not surprise me at all. His reactions would have been mine if some random guy showed up in my life and started telling me – “Hey, you’re mine, you are my gift from God”.


I knew Mario and I would need time and evidence to fully accept this reality. I also had Jeff and Shaleia, the TFAS community, and the message from Mario in my Twin Flame Romance Report to support me on my journey.


As we dived into the twin flame theory and understanding it together, the only words running through my mind were: Don’t hold Back




In one of your earlier messages to me you explained your beliefs, how we are all connected to the cosmos and love is wireless.


If those are your beliefs, the twin flame concept is not a far leap for you.


The best way I can explain the external energy of twin flames is a magnet analogy.


If you take two magnets and try to push them together they resist....the closer they get to touching - the more resistance until they get pushed so close together from an outside source - they magnetize and it's almost impossible to pull them apart.


From the exterior perception you are right - I could find a million simple, funny, hard working, sweet, caring and loving men in this world.


I only have one Twin Flame... one Divine complement created for me by God. One Soul that was made for me, one soul that complements me in every way....and I him.


Our connection is internal - not external.


We are both resisting but we are also both choosing.


Twin flames always choose together.


Even when resisting....we are choosing to resist together.


The beauty of twin flames is the simplicity of it all.... how easy it is for us to connect, laugh, love.... how easy it is to love another soul - it's automatic....because it is eternal


The resistance is derived from within oneself (this is what I meant when I said I only need to love me)..... external factors - fear, cultural upbringing, societal expectations and conditioning  - those are the things keeping twin flames apart....


I've been on this journey for over 3 years now....working on me, loving the incredible woman I am.... trust me it was not a fairytale


I was just as resistant at first when I figured it out.... you are Italian, I am American, you have an established business, I am in the Army, you are married....on and on and on.....believe me, none of that is being ignored by me...


All that external stuff....is nothing to how we align internally.


I trust God - I've made my choice.


If this is God's plan....who are we to resist and it will NOT include lying or pain for anyone involved... only love.


You want to know how I know it's you...there were countless signs.... but the two that stood out the most - the signs I could not ignore...


The night before coming to your shop to look into your eyes....I was randomly introduced for the first time to Ganesha - he is the elephant-headed deity in the Hindu pantheon. (I was raised Catholic....so I do not know much about other Religions). I always was drawn to figures of Ganesha in shops during my travels but I never explored my interests in regards to him. I was instantly intrigued and excited to get to know this fun, childlike God


The next day, I'm driving and find myself  following signs to your shop.


I walk in, see you...feel a burst of energy....look into your eyes and feel absolutely nothing.... numb


The purpose of your twin flame.....its not a fairytale Mario - but it does most certainly require love.


A twin flames purpose - is to bring you closer to God and when united serve him fulfilling your life purpose together.


The second - (less dramatic) - you are the only man in my entire life who can complement me and it does not make me uncomfortable....I don't crawl in my skin when you call me beautiful, rare, or show me any form of love...


Because I am yours and you are mine.


It's that simplistically beautiful...




really? all that it is happened? Incredible!


it is first time, for me talking about a twinflame, i don't know what does it mean, i THINK that a referement of ancient indian concept of love, KARMA,...


i am a freemason, that mean, among other THING, i have a cautious approach for everything to regards every aspect of soul...in special way to energy, i am a man of doubt, i haven't absolute certainty in my life, this applies to every aspect of life, material or transcendent, spiritual or perceivable,


i am much curious, i love to deepen what make in difficult my mind, my brain is my best ally. for me the month of may and june represent a hard period of work...i am very busy, i work 20 hours by day...that mean i haven't time to dedicated myself, to dedicated my studies, my family... i just concentrate my work, every moment of day, also for this reason each mail arrived in late time...all that you write me is absolutely astounding!


for me it is hard to believe, first of all because the time we spent together it was little, how you can understand or recognize in me your twinflame is a mystery for me, i believe the theory may be right it's to early for your conclusions. do not you think so?


ok, admit just for one second you have reason, what should we do? the problem is not you are american, i am italian, you are catholic, i am still looking for a truth  (no religion convinces me 100%) i am a researcher... the problem is i have family...


i know you understand, because you are provided intelligence e much culture, you study, you going around the world, you know the life... and you know query your soul, you are a complete woman, interesting soul



I'm not Catholic, I was raised Catholic - there is a difference.


I too am a researcher and understand your perspective.


I also enjoy knowledge...


You are right I am a complete soul as are you.


I agree with your conclusion...nothing else really matters but your family.


In regards to your last question.... I do not know. I would never to anything to cause you or those you love pain....ever


That would not align with God.


I read over our emails a couple of times trying to process what we were saying to each other.


Finding the blocks to heal.


Our major block was his family. I am single, with no kids.


I knew the answer was internal, not external.


If he has a block, I have a block – it just manifested in our physical lives differently.


The external will always follow the internal.


What in the hell was it…


Next chapter


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