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My Journey Home - 8 - La mia prima lezione italiana

July 31, 2017


Over the next couple of weeks, I was travelling a lot for work. Mario and I kept in touch via emails.




Ciao Mario

Thank you for your message it was beautiful.


 I too do not see barriers between people and believe love connects us all.


And you are correct, God has a plan for me. God has a plan for us all, we just need the courage to trust him.


You always increase my happiness Mario...my smile.  Communicating with me is always right, like I said...just be you. Through your actions and words you bring me closer to my life purpose - God's plan for me. Thank you Love.


I do want to learn Italian - maybe you can tutor me and we can intellectually challenge eachother by quoting our favorite philosophers


I will begin with one of my favorites:


Leading a simple life does not make you a simple man, it makes you a smart one.

~ Dr. Christine Kay, PhD (Ok - I may be biased - but I like Me, I'm a fan)


I'm serious about the Italian lessons - I assume you work a lot (as do I) but we can get creative and find time....it could be fun


Mario - thank you for your letter - waking up to you is an absolute gift. I hope you have a wonderful day!


- Chrissy


Dr. Christine Kay, phD ...wow... i will buy one of her book, it seems to be interesting...

now she have 2 fans..me and you


i accept your challenge...one of my favorites is Giordano Bruno, he is considered an eretic because like  i think he come from the future, in the 1600 he was killed by italian church for his idea...one of the most cruel action by the catholic power...


Verrà un giorno che l'uomo si sveglierà dall'oblio e finalmente comprenderà chi è veramente e a chi ha ceduto le redini della sua esistenza, a una mente fallace, menzognera, che lo rende e lo tiene schiavo...


i don't traslate for you... first italian lesson ( you can't use a google traslate.)


Good week, Baby




I like your Giordano, I can also see why they killed him - he was quite the nonconformist.


 Ok - I did not use a Google translator (per the rules). I did use a dictionary... it was that or flirting with an Italian co-worker to get them to translate it for me...


 Here goes it:


 A day of truth for man is to wake up validated and finally understand beauty and to those who gave in the reins of their existence is a one mind fallacy, lies, that make him and keep him a slave.


 Ok.... how did I do?


Throwing your favorite back at you:


Divine love does not weigh down, nor carry his servant captive and enslaved to the lowest depths, but raises him, supports him and magnifies him above all liberty whatsoever.


That was fun Love



I was waiting for his reply but ended up using google translate because I have no patience. Funny, my twin is an Italian, they seem to be flowing with patience in every aspect of life. Always taking their damn time!


I emailed Mario back a couple days later apologizing for murdering his language and favorite quote.


The Giordano quote translated into English is:


One day man will wake up from oblivion and finally he will understand who he really is and who has surrendered the reins of his existence to a fallacious, lying mind that makes him and holds him a slave ...


I quickly realized most of his favorite philosophers dated back to the 1700s and my Italian to English dictionary did not capture such words as no one uses them anymore.


It was basically trying to translate Shakespeare with an urban dictionary.


But, we were having fun with it.



LOL (AH AH AH in italian or jajajaja in spanish) each lenguage have a different way to rapresent a smile by chat, that's curious...


the truth is that  my english is bad and worse yet when write...ahahahhaha.


you are absolutly a genius, the woman who can making fun herself are rare...


Giordano was sure the man don't understand who are in really he said, The man live in to drowsiness, numbness, but one day will come, he wake up and discorver the great deception of sense, a illusion of mind, he discover to use his brain...we are slave of our perceptions, if we know our potential we can really be free...he was an eretic but mostly he was an hermetic...his thought was much complicated...it was like a symbolon, i am sure the symbol tell to much then 1000 word...


I hope you stay well, take care baby




I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I just figured out how I was living numbed out and awakening to the truth and leaving illusions behind. Mario had no idea of any of that, we only talked about twin flames in a brief email.


One of the beauties of twin flames, we make core choices together. Therefore, we have similar blocks, illusions, deceptions of senses that eventually we heal. These illusions may manifest differently in each twin but we deceive our senses with the same illusions.


Once one twin makes the core choice and wakes up from the illusion, it heals both and manifests in both physical lives. The power of choice - the power of love!


It's amazing, we grew up in different cultures, different countries, we speak different languages. To anyone else, we would be considered complete strangers.


This man knows and understands me better than anyone I have ever met. I absolutely love him and our fun little emails....


As we continued to grow our friendship over our love of knowledge, God, and other core values -  I knew without a shadow of a doubt he was my divine complement - my man.


I starred at his words and thought, It’s time to wake up my love.


Next Chapter


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