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My Journey Home - 11 - New Choices

October 4, 2017


As I was reviewing emails from Mario, I found something he wrote that aligns with my life purpose. He said it is not his attitude to make a label, create boundaries between people, white or black, American or Italian, Catholic or Muslim.


I am exactly the same, I have always just seen a person. The beauty of twin flames is we share the same core values. Mario and I believe everyone has individual energy, and we are all universally connected. 

We as people are so focused on creating boundaries between eachother; we naturally create boundaries within ourselves. Regardless of cultural conditioning, man has justified bloodshed based on religious beliefs for over 4,000 years. People choose to battle others for their love of country, love of family, love of freedom and ultimately love of life. War is justified based on love for others; therefore we have experienced a never ending cycle of bloodshed. 

Terrorism is an act based on fear. The Dalai Lama discussed this theory noting all major religions throughout the world have the same foundational message of love, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, and contentment; bloodshed is not a genuine act in any religion. It is time for man to make a new choice and attract a different result.

The external will always follow the internal. The basic fundamentals of the law of attraction is you manifest in your reality what you choose to think, if you think positively so it is, if you think negatively so it is. When I first pieced this together, I thought I was outside of my mind. It is not possible to end terrorism by simply thinking differently and making a new choice. 

What a crazy fucking idea right? I have obviously lost my mind and the mirror exercise will not solve the complex challenges we are facing in regards to terrorism.


I was getting upset.


It’s time to Mirror. 

The Mirror exercise is a technique my spiritual teachers, Jeff and Shaleia, taught me. It is a technique to resolve any upset you are experiencing from simply looking within yourself. 

Step 1: Identify the upset.

People are upsetting me because they are terrorizing others.

Step 2: Turn the Upset onto yourself

I am upsetting myself because I am terrorizing myself.

Step 3: Is there truth to that statement?

Yes. (note – the answer to #3 is always yes)

Dig deeper – what is the root cause of your upset? 

It could actually be true… Do I terrorize myself?


Looking within myself – would require me to FEEL my feelings…But that makes me uncomfortable 


I have been trained throughout my life to NOT FEEL.


"Everything is fine, ignore the pain, those feelings aren't real, stop being so sensitive"

"You can finish the run, the pain is in your head".


Be mentally tough, mentally strong - ignore your feelings of pain, frustration, insecurity, compassion, empathy for human life, love for others.

I’ve been desensitized, numbed out.


Step 4: What do you need in this moment to heal? To feel loved? 

I need to feel my feelings without judgment.


Make a new choice.


I choose to feel my feelings. And love myself in this moment.


And so it is…That is the mirror exercise.


I have been alive for over 36 years, but I have not been living.


Life Purpose work starts with Living Life.


I know this is all connected. It's what the twin flame journey is all about. Choosing Love, aligning with God and myself.


I choose to face down every fear within me and make a different choice.  


I choose to Heal.


Next Chapter 


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