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My Journey Home - 7 - My Ultimate Teacher

July 25, 2017


It only took 4 TFAS classes to find my twin flame. Over the years, I had gone through multiple False Twins and I finally found him.


So What now?


The journey to Harmonious Union is Friends, Partners, Lovers. The key to success is internal work. The external will always follow the internal. Knowing and believing that to be true, I let go of all the external barriers in regards to the physical such as our cultures, professions, language barriers, and family dynamics.  


I focused internally.


Mario gifting the nameplates to me meant a lot. I realize many could view his actions as a smart business move, but that is not what I saw, it was something I would have done.


I focused internally while maintaining a fun loving and simple friendship focused on what we both enjoy, each other, philosophy, and fun. As he is my divine compliment – he enjoys me as much as I do him.


I spent the next couple of weeks travelling for work but maintained my spiritual practices to include daily card readings with Ganesha and my weekly TFAS classes.


At one point, I started feeling a desire to tell Mario we were twin flames. As everyone has different opinions on this, I decided to complete some deep reflection and review my journals. I also decided to review the twin flame romance report, as it has a message from my twin flame’s higher self.


The message noted not to be shy about how I feel and do not hold back. Our desires are the same and once we both know who we truly are to each other, we can completely let go and submit to the love we share.


I felt telling him we were twin flames was only a little step in the direction we desired but not telling him was holding back. I wanted to introduce him to the concept because I knew he would eventually do the research. We are the same; it’s what I would eventually do. We had already gone back and forth on our favorite philosophers, so I knew he had a thirst and passion for knowledge and new ideas.




Good morning Mario!
You may be wondering why I am all up in your grill… (Lol)

I believe in the theory of twin flames... Divine companions. God creates every soul with two halves - masculine and feminine. Two people share the same divine blueprint...

When we first met, I didn't notice anything except I felt extremely happy. When I came back the second time and looked into your eyes - I knew...I found my Divine complement.

I do not intend to walk away from a gift from God

So.... I have one simple request: Don't hold back, Just be You


I hope you have a wonderful day... don't work too hard! 



Hi chrissy, happy to hear you, your message is beautiful, but i think i do not deserve it,

i am a super normal man, i appreciate your word, but i hope we can be realistic, Choelo write a phrase in one of his book (the alchemist)


"when someone follow his dream, all universe conspire so that it can be realized"


but this is not your dream, believe me what expectation can give you a married man? you are a very sweet and nice woman, in your eyes can be read loyalty, purity, clean like your soul.


your are an a rose, i am just a thorn... sometime heart can wrong,


i would like you will be happy and feel good, me can cause you just a disappointment


you deserve more...



Simple men do not quote Choelo, although I do agree with your reference. 


I disagree with the thorn comment.


Thank you for the kind words...


I deserve my Divine companion as do you.


I will follow my heart for a life of love is my dream.


"Only love is real, and love never fails"        - Ayan 




Ciao Chrissy

I thought a lot before make this message, i don't know if it is right write it, but at the end  i  chosen to do so.


i hope i haven't ruined your nice smile... i am sure God have a plane for special woman like you, rare and precious stone.


it is not my attitude make a label, each one is one, not exists white or black, american or italian, catholic or muslim, for me exists a person, everyone are singolar energy connected in a cosmos, 


for me exists a Divine in each of us. keep your heart connected all time...the love is wireless...


i appreciate your philosophycal culture, always keep your spirit, because you are in right... i give you a strong hug.


goodnight (probabily goodmorning)




The fact he responded with the above, after two brief interactions at his shop and a couple of silly emails in between completely supported the internal work I’ve been doing with Jeff and Shaleia’s courses.


There is so much love in our words, and a lot of mirroring to complete.


Mario is my ultimate teacher, friend, partner, and lover. The twin flame dynamic is a constant mirror – Mario has been teaching me since the day we met. I learn from him in every interaction we have.


I also feel loved and treasured in every interaction with him.


It is an absolute gift to watch our journey unfold and trust our path is divinely protected.


The External will always follow the Internal.


Time to get to work!


Next Chapter


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