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My Journey Home - 5 - Eyes Don't Lie

July 22, 2017



It was crazy how fast my twin flame journey sped up after joining TFAS. Mario was still the only one I remembered meeting the week prior.


I couldn’t remember looking into his eyes. I tend to look down when encountering others. He was no different. I remember getting right down to business when we first met. I wanted to look into his eyes. Then I would know. I would finally figure out if he was my twin.


I decided to head to his shop to pick up the nameplates. I left work, went home, changed out of my uniform and was getting in my car when I remembered – shit my phone. I had left my phone at work.


I remember it being fairly easy to find the shop. There were signs to his shop from the main road. Driving without my cell phone is risky, the drivers are absolutely crazy here. Work was 12 minutes in the opposite direction and I really didn’t want this to take all morning. I decided to risk it.


I got in my car and headed towards the shop. I couldn't remember the name, it was on the paperwork.  


Wait, the paperwork, my emails from the original order are in my work bag.


I pulled out the paperwork carefully while driving and grabbed the emails…


 that’s it. Just follow the signs to the shop.


I followed the signs and made it safely, no issues. I pulled up and felt nervous but excited at the same time. This is it!


I opened the door to the store and walked in with a big smile on my face. The store was really busy. There were about 8 people standing around, everyone talking, loud. Italians tend to be loud. I saw Mario, we stopped looked at each other and said at the same time…


“CHRIS” , "Hello"


Mario started blowing me kisses.


Everyone in the room paused and looked at us. Then they quickly continued their conversations.


“Chris – wait one minute – Mario take care of you”.


I started walking around and checking out his merchandise. The store is full of sporting goods equipment, protein bars, protein powder, clothes, shoes, boxes, equipment. Honestly, it was kind of a mess. There was a lady working in one of the offices and it looked like it hadn’t been cleaned out in years. I thought this place could use some of my purging and organizational skills.


“Chris – your plates – but Mario don’t understand what wrong – we see both Force and Forces”


“I know, I messed up, and the gift has Force on it, I didn’t want them to be different. It was my fault not yours”


“Ok – you take – no charge”


He handed them to me and I looked into his eyes. It was only seconds. But, I instantly recognized them - they were my eyes.


I froze.


What fucking Italian Man has bright blue eyes?


But, I don’t feel anything - nothing.


I snapped out of it.


“No, I can’t accept them, I messed up not you”


“Chris please, Mario give to you, I see you next time”.


He was still holding my hand.


“Ok – thanks Mario” I started walking out.


“Chris – call me next time you’re at a festival – Mario come show you how it’s done”.


I walked out laughing. I hurried to my car and just sat there holding the free nameplates.


A gift…


I was so confused, I couldn’t understand my feelings. None of this made any sense to me. I’m extremely empathetic, I can look into a dog’s eyes and feel something.


I felt nothing. Plus he was wearing a ring, he's married. I guess I was wrong, back to square one.


I was pulling out of the parking lot and I saw the sign.


I just followed signs to Elephants = Ganesha. Shaleia's card reading...


I literally just followed street signs to God.


No – way. That’s crazy. No – way. OMG – He’s it – holy crap. I'm SO excited!


I need to talk to Jeff!


I rushed home and jumped on Facebook and told Jeff everything.


“...Jeff – this is crazy – I was actually following street signs to God”.


Jeff instantly replied.


“So, is this Mr. Mario your twin flame?" 


I froze.


All the signs pointed to him. But, I didn’t feel anything. He’s Italian, lives in Italy, has a successful business, I have 5 more years until I can retire, he’s married, I didn’t FEEL anything!


If you meet the ONE – your TWIN FLAME – the other half of your soul, your Divine Complement – there should be SOMETHING – Anything!




I finally responded to Jeff – No, no he’s not.


No response….


I had only been working with Jeff and Shaleia for a little under a month. But I already knew, no response, was a response.


I decided to get back to work. That was a roller-coaster of a morning.


I was pretty much zoned out the rest of the day as I couldn’t pinpoint my feelings.


On my way home, tears started running down my face. I wasn't even off the installation or out of the gate yet. I felt a rush of pain hit me, sadness.


I couldn’t stop the tears – I knew what this meant.


I looked into Mario's eyes and felt nothing. The only set of eyes on the planet I've ever looked into and felt nothing. They were my eyes....He's my twin flame.


The tears kept falling...


I'm numbing out…. not just to anything.


I'm numbing out to God.


Next Chapter


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