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My Journey Home - 4 - Blocks and Signs

July 21, 2017



Saturday turned into a recovery day, as I worked for over 17 hours on Friday. On Sunday morning, I was instantly inspired to complete a lesson in the Dreams Coming True Course.


Jeff and Shaleia’s Twin Flames Dreams Coming True E-course is phenomenal. The course consists of 24 lessons; each one is less than or about 10 minutes and incorporates an exercise. The exercises identified and helped me resolve internal upsets and blocks.


I had a goal of one course a day but missed Saturday’s so, I was going to try and complete two on Sunday.


The first lesson (#6) walked me through how to identify my major blocks. I wrote them down:


1. I’m upsetting myself because I do not feel I am good enough to lead Soldiers

2. I’m upsetting myself because I do not feel physically attractive

3. I’m upsetting myself because I am hurting myself by continuing to stay in un-serving relationships

4. I’m upsetting myself because I am not receiving the gift of love offered to me


I stared down at the page, I knew there was truth to those statements but I didn’t necessarily fully agree with them. I do fully trust Jeff and Shaleia and I trust the process.  I made the choice to face any feelings that emerged in regards to the above major blocks. I chose to not ignore my feelings. I would resolve the upset and make a different choice that aligned with my goals and the life I chose.


I spent the rest of my Sunday enjoying the day. I watched a couple of movies and popped open a bottle of wine. One of my favorite things about living in Italy is the food and wine.


Sunday night, I was inspired to complete the next lesson in the Course. The exercise was a simple one – they walked me through how to ask my twin flame for 3 signs in 24 hours. I was a tad skeptical on this one as it seemed impossible. I knew the signs would not be “physical” signs from my twin but signs from his higher self.  It was getting late so, I decided to let it be and go to bed.


I could always re-visit the lesson tomorrow and complete the exercise. Monday was a crazy busy day at work. I was cleaning up some lose ends from the festival on Friday and completing the last minute paperwork for my upcoming travel plans.


I thought of the 3-signs exercise all day - I don't know what I was resisting. It came down to, if this actually worked - if I received 3 signs - this whole concept was real. That is an extremely intense reality.


I decided to suck it up - put my big girl pants on - and complete the exercise Monday night after dinner.


On Tuesday morning I woke up vibrating in my heart chakra. It was filled with such incredible warmth – I felt completely loved - home.


I was dreaming of my Grandma Mamie. When I use to run away from home, it would always be to Grandma’s house. She truly loved me unconditionally.


I laid there in bed – starring up into a white ceiling and thought – Holy Shit – I feel “Home”. That’s my first sign.


Sign 1: Feeling Home – My Twin is my Home.


Later that day, I decided to run on the treadmill at lunch. I work out every day at lunch but rarely do I run. I just thought I would get on the treadmill and see what happened, no judgement, no expectations. I ran over 2 miles straight under a 9 minute pace. That is unheard of for me, even training for months. It felt absolutely wonderful, the easiest and best run of my life, it was actually fun. I was laughing before I finished – I knew that was sign number two.


Sign 2: Any goal we choose, we can complete together; it will be fast, easy, and fun.  


It was rounding the 24 hour mark, I was sitting at my kitchen table eating dinner.


Did I miss a sign? Maybe the sign is “no sign”.


My phone vibrated, it was Shaleia’s monthly card reading. I laughed – just when I thought I wouldn’t receive my 3rd sign…he's testing my patience...


The card reading was of course beautiful. She used the Ganesha card deck. You know who I’m talking about right – the child-like fun loving Elephant God of the Hindu Pantheon.  The God of wisdom and power, knowledge, education, the remover of obstacles….the list goes on.


Sign 3: Have patience, Divine Timing is perfect, God is on our side.


That was a lot to process in 72 hours, what a great couple of days. I identified my 5 major blocks and received 3 beautiful signs from my twin flame.


My Twin Flame! Wow - that is crazy!


Shit – I still need to pick up those nameplates.


Next Chapter


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