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Living my Purpose, Army Strong - 2 Love vs. Power

July 20, 2017


After Jeff channeled my life purpose for me, I was resistant – scared at first. On my drive home, I had this incredible moment of clarity.


A leader emerges when people choose to follow not from declaring oneself a leader.


I was having a really hard time at work with a senior leader. He has a power and control issue and is absolutely toxic. I have gone through the steps, used the military systems to address it, maintained professionalism and executed my tasks and duties to my standard – which is always above the Army standard.


I still was having a hard time with him. I would mirror it, and mirror it – every day.*


I would have a great weekend or night but on the way in to work, I felt the energy hit me, the toxicity. Soldiers, peers, and leaders come to my office every day to vent in regards to him. I provide support, advise, and in many cases try to provide his perspective.


In that moment of clarity, I realized, I was seeking approval from him but I was not born to follow him. My name is Christine – Follower of Christ.


Now, I'm not going to go around beating my chest and being insubordinate. That is not what I'm saying - and honestly, that's just not my style. 


I'm just going to be me. I do not need approval from anyone, I'm exactly where I am meant to be, doing what I'm meant to do.


This realization completely shifted the dynamic for me. I knew it on Tuesday during our senior leader resiliency training. He no longer affected me, the toxicity was over.


Well…for me anyways.


Yesterday – he went into my direct supervisor’s office and tried to get him to change my evaluation. Telling my direct supervisor he felt I was not fit to lead Soldiers, I have a negative attitude, and several of my peers and senior leaders have addressed this with him.


God speaks through us all. He was voicing what were my deepest fears. 


My direct supervisor refused to change his comments. He found the entire conversation awkward and felt it was a personal issue between the senior leader and me.


Following the meeting, my direct supervisor called me in and we discussed it. I knew this meeting was coming and I asked God to walk in there with me and keep me grounded in truth.


Today – my direct supervisor sent a message to the first general in our chain of command. Advocating for me and my abilities to command and lead Soldiers. He used the terms compassionate, empathy, passion, and drive. The message was powerful and almost brought me to tears in his office.


God speaks through us all. He was voicing the truth.


I have always Loved Soldiers and their families, they know it, and are drawn to me because of it.


I’ve been trying to figure out a way to change my website, I know many are scared of the “unknown” and do not know about twin flames.* 


Changing this website would not be my truth.


Love is power, Choose love and See the Truth



The Mirror Exercise is a technique my Spiritual Teachers, Jeff and Shaleia, taught me to resolve internal turmoil and find peace. To learn how to implement the mirror exercise in your life and find out more about twin flames, I recommend their Book.


Next Chapter  


*If you are inspired and choose to deepen your relationship with Love by joining TFAS or Life Purpose Class - I invite you to refer me, Chrissy Kay, at time of purchase. You will receive 4 weeks of FREE coaching in my live group coaching class. Check it out here.





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