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My Journey Home - The Mirror Exercise - 3

July 19, 2017



I sat frozen in my car thinking…well Jeff said it was someone “insignificant”.  


I started driving back to work, I felt myself getting upset.


No, no way that dude is my twin flame. He is Italian, hardly speaks any English, has a thriving business, probably straight up Catholic and I didn’t feel attracted to him AT ALL. Plus, I’m scheduled to leave Italy in three years, I know enough Italian to order a pizza, I have 5 years until I can retire – this is total shit.


I took a deep breath…


Regardless if Mario is my Twin Flame – I am upset. It’s time to Mirror.


The mirror exercise is a technique Jeff and Shaleia taught me to resolve upsets within. Whatever the upset is, however it is triggered, it is not the other person’s responsibility to resolve it for me. It is my upset; therefore it is my responsibility to resolve it.  


This goes both ways.  I am not responsible for another person’s feelings, only they can resolve them, including my twin flame.


Incorporating the mirror exercise in my life took a lot of practice. I’ve tried to share this with others but it rarely is fully received. If you are interested in incorporating this simplistic exercise in your life, I recommend purchasing Jeff and Shaleia’s book – there is an entire chapter dedicated to it. This book is extremely easy to read, short, and filled with divine energy.


While driving, I started mirroring out loud in the car.


Step 1: State the upset

Someone is upsetting me because he’s created an impossible path to my twin flame union.


Step 2: Turn the statement inward on to yourself.


I am upsetting myself because I’m creating an impossible path to my twin flame union.


Step 3: Is there any truth to the statement in step 2?


Yes - what is the root of the upset? 


The root is fear. Fear that it's actually possible 


Step 4: Give yourself what you need in this moment to resolve the upset; love yourself.


In that moment, I needed strength, reassurance, and love. I gave myself all those things and visualized myself hugging this part of me with unconditional love. I hugged her until she melted back into me… I felt nothing but peace.


That is the mirror exercise.


I finally arrived back at work and decided to send Mario a quick note in regards to the new nameplates.




Ciao Mario!

I need three more name plates please.

I messed up something on the ones I requested yesterday ;(   


It should be Force and NOT Forces.

So… Take two:


I attached a sheet for you as well.

Please let me know when I can come and pick them up.


I also added my personal email address as I’ll be running around this afternoon and tomorrow and won’t be in the office.







Hi Chris you can come when you want after tomorrow 11.00 a m 

I will print tomorrow around 10 o clock

Thanks, ciaooo



The next day, I was running the American booth for the International Food Festival and was going to be super busy. But, I was definitely making time for this!


As expected, my Friday was crazy. We started setting up the booths around 7am and people started arriving to eat around 11am. That wasn’t the crazy part. The majority of the booths were selling incredible homemade food and signature alcoholic drinks from their countries.


I was fucking toasted by 1130 – the guys were bringing us food and drinks all morning. It was crazy. I wasn’t going to make it to Mario’s...


I was sitting on a bench taking a break and decided to email Mario and let him know I wouldn’t be making it to the shop today.




I got wrapped into an International Food Festival on Lago and am no longer capable of operating heavy machinery


I'll stop in tomorrow..... are you open on Saturday's? 


If not Monday 


I hope you have a great weekend!! 



HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I appreciate your honesty... next time call me... I am a world champion of international food and drink competition


Ok you can come when you want. Also Saturday 9:00 1,30. 3:00 7,30


Tomorrow I will stay in carney park with my brother... that it mean if you come between 12 :00 6:00


You will found just my coworker





I keep it real! I'll remember that... I'm always looking for a partner in crime!



Sure! Great! You found it!                   


I looked up from my phone, sitting on a park bench, in the middle of a festival, and thought to myself


Did I?


Next Chapter


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