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My Journey Home: Love List - 2

July 17, 2017



After class, I was buzzing. For the life of me, I could not think of anyone new I met last week. So instead of dwelling on something I couldn’t control, I decided to complete the next course in Twin Flames Dreams Coming True. It was a course on creating your love list.



The love list comprises everything you want in your partner at the core. The list could potentially be pages and pages long, if so that’s ok. I used the technique of reflecting on all my past relationships and what was the core reason we were not compatible…why did it end. I then flipped those around, wrote down the opposite attribute, and BAM:


My Love List

He will mesh easily into my life and I in his

Our morals, values, and work ethic will align

Our partnership is even, equal, and easy

We will communicate fully with each other, we will not hold back

He is my friend, playful, he feels young and light

He doesn’t take life too seriously, we make each other laugh

Accepts me in all my forms; unconditional love

Logical sense to keep me grounded

Not afraid of our connection, eager to move forward with me

Financially independent

He understands me with no judgement

Freedom to feel, grow, change, and transform together

Values spiritual growth

He has a thirst for knowledge

Respects me, I feel safe with him

Wants me in his life

Feels like home, I can trust him

We always want to make each other feel special

No lies between us – only the truth

He will have a passion to live life to the fullest

He will know when it is time to slow down and take a break

He will put God, himself, me and our union as his #1 priority

Our life together will be full of passion for each other and compassion for others

He values health and living a balanced life 


The next day at work everyone was acting out of character. My lunch crew randomly went on some crazy diet; people were ignoring me in the hallway, and all together acting strange. I decided to run some errands and was getting some gifts assembled at a frame shop. While placing my order, I realized a mistake on the nameplates. I couldn’t have them all framed like that, I was going to have to email Mario and ask him to make me new ones.


Mario owns a shop downtown. He was referred to me by a co-worker after I was complaining about how expensive the nameplates were on the installation. Mario speaks English, completes orders on the same day and charges 5x less than the installation.


As I walked out of the frame shop and headed to my car, I remembered meeting him.


I entered his shop and was directed upstairs. I walked through a gym and into a giant trophy warehouse. There was every size trophy you could imagine. Floor to ceiling were big, small, gold, silver, soccer balls, footballs, gymnasts – everything. I had never seen anything like it. I guess I never really thought about where little league teams or high school sports programs get their trophies. I headed to the back of the warehouse into a workshop area with about five or six people.




A man emerged “Chris”.  He was in the back working on his computer and literally, no one in the place spoke any English.


“Yes, hi, Mario? I emailed you and wanted to order these” – We shook hands and I pulled out the email I sent him with the nameplate orders.


“Yes – I Mario, no problem, you wait, I do now, 20 minutes”


“Ok”. I started walking out of the workshop and back into the trophy warehouse. I was just looking around. I mean it really was massive. I eventually sat down on a workout bench in the gym and quietly waited.






“Here nameplates, you check – ok?”


“Yes – these are perfect – thank you so much!” I was super impressed he knocked them out for me on the same day and only charged €5 each. It took 3 weeks from the other place and they were over €25 a piece.


Mario was walking me out and started spouting off a quote from some American scholar he thought was famous. I really couldn’t understand him, it was all broken English with a heavy accent. So I just smiled and nodded where it felt appropriate.


He left me at the stairs and started entering a very lonely and what seemed to be empty hallway with several rooms.


“Mario, leave you now – Chris happy?”


“Yes – very Happy – thanks Mario!”


As I left my daydream and grabbed my car keys to unlock the door – I stopped.


Holy Shit – was that last week?


Next Chapter


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