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My Journey Home

July 16, 2017



Wow – where to begin. I started “running away from home” when I was about six. I always had a bag packed and ready with the main essentials of life – a couple shirts, my Barbie, and some socks of course. As I aged, that sensation to run away from home turned into a search to find my home.


I am introverted – extremely introverted. When my parents wanted to ground me, I was required to sit in the living room and watch television with the family. It was absolute torture – I counted the seconds until I could go back to my room – my safe space.


I am now a 36 year old successful, driven, and compassionate woman and I still have safe spaces in my home. Anyone who visits and walks around can instantly sense them, plus I have coffee cups or wine glasses in the general vicinity.


My coffee cup space is where Jeff and Shaleia first entered my life. I had read a book and watched videos on twin flames but I caught myself “swiping left” on any video that was not theirs. I was being drawn to them, once I made that discovery, I decided to act.


I realize many reading this may have never heard of twin flames. “Twin Flames are made from the very same essence. They are created by God at the same time, and are made for each other as their soul’s highest, and most eternal complement” (Ayan & Ayan, 2015). Twin flames are two halves of one soul. Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover 


I ordered a Divine Guidance Reading in March, 2017 - the Twin Flame Romance Report. At this point on my journey I had watched all of Jeff and Shaleia’s videos. I implemented their teachings, I had my love list, thought I had identified and ended negative relationships in my life, found my twin flame, and was headed into harmonious union.


Ha, Ha, Ha!!


My Twin Flame Romance Report of course identified I had yet to meet my twin in this lifetime. WHAT!?! That was a tough pill to swallow – but I trusted Jeff and Shaleia. I felt as though they were leading me where I wanted to go. So, the purge began – everything I had from every past relationship hit the trash that night.


I wasn’t fucking around – I wanted this life!


15 April – I joined TFAS – Twin Flame Ascension School.


19 April – My first TFAS Class!


Jeff said he let new students just settle in and get a feel for everything and he wouldn’t dive too deep with us. That lasted about 5 minutes. He was asking me how I felt and I literally could not respond. I couldn’t identify my feelings – it was SO uncomfortable! I had built up so many barriers throughout my life, I wasn’t feeling.


This really bothered me and I wanted more time with Jeff and Shaleia to work through some of this between classes. So, I decided to check out their twin flames dreams coming true ecourse. The first 4 courses are FREE – so why not?


I LOVE this course because the lessons are really short yet powerful and most are under 10 minutes. Plus, they give exercises to complete after each class to help with your progress. The classes are available online at any time so they fit nicely into my busy schedule. Perfect, exactly what I was looking for and I never lose it. I will always have those classes to reference!


Those were the first three decisions I made to begin my journey home. It was also where I wanted to spend my time after work. I was also working on a second master’s degree…so I did a quick analysis.


1 Post-Grad College Course a semester: $2,124.00


Twin Flames, Finding your Ultimate Lover E-book - $9.99

Divine Guidance Reading, Twin Flame Romance Report - $150.00

Twin Flame Ascension School (TFAS) - $199.00 a month

Twin Flame Dreams Coming True E-Course – 299.00

Total: $657.99


Easiest decision of my life. I dropped out of college and invested my time and money into the education I actually desired, finding my divine compliment and living our dream together.


26 April – My second TFAS Class


We called home my twin flame.


I was SO excited!! I couldn’t WAIT to meet him. I of course would instantly KNOW it was him!! I was going to have this incredible experience of seeing his aura, sexual attraction, my spiritual gifts were going to go into overdrive and we would lock eyes and instantly be in love.


3 May – My third TFAS Class


Jeff: Chrissy, meet anyone new this week, maybe someone insignificant?

Me: Well, I meet a lot of men at work, but no one I can think of.

Jeff: You met your twin flame this week…take some time and think about it. I’ll check back in with you in a bit.


WHAT!?! No way – Jeff’s wrong, there’s no way I met him. I’ve been waiting all week for my moment.


Jeff: Chrissy – figure it out?

Me: No, I have no idea, there’s just too many of them.

Jeff: Ok – let’s do an affirmation to bring him forward in your life and push every one else back.

Me: OK – let’s do it!



Next Chapter


*If you are inspired and choose to deepen your relationship with Love by joining TFAS or Life Purpose Class - I invite you to refer me, Chrissy Kay, at time of purchase. You will receive 4 weeks of FREE coaching in my live group coaching class. Check it out here. 

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