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Jeff and Shaleia's book tells the story of their journey. They also dedicate an entire chapter to the mirror exercise. Regardless of the journey you are on, the mirror exercise can help you with healing upsets and finding peace within.

Ronda Byrne discovered the secret and shares it in this book and the 2007 Documentary Film. This is the Law of Attraction - The Law of Love. It breaks down the power of thoughts and how thinking and feeling positively magnetizes positivity in  your life. The most successful people in the world grasp this simple Law - it is as scientifically proven as the Law of Gravity.

This is a list of terms I have used along my journey to understand spirituality, my life purpose and grow deeper in my spiritual practices. I've also added several definitions requested by those just starting out on their spiritual journeys.

Throughout my Journey I've also discovered inspiration is anywhere I choose to receive it.


I love Inspirational moments.

These are two of my favorites speeches!