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Naples Italy, 2016

A Taste of Ireland Tour, 2011

I wanted to share my experience with Chrissy Kay and the MAP technique...I knew I had PTSD.  I had received counselling years ago because I had severe flashbacks and had become agoraphobic due to an abusive relationship.  However the therapy I received at the time was simply strategies on making healthier relationship choices and the only time we went into my childhood was to discuss the relationship dynamic I observed between my parents.  We never went into the relationship that I personally had with my parents.  This is where Chrissy came in.  I found it incredibly easy to open up to Chrissy.  She had an incredible level of compassion and understanding.  It also helped a lot that she also shared some of her experiences with me as we seemed to have so much in common.  It put me immediately at ease.  Chrissy was also very observant of my behaviour and gently encouraged me to go deeper.  I never noticed before how I was subconsciously holding myself back.  The MAP technique is easy to learn if you are serious about your healing and has become another valuable tool in my healing toolbelt.  I am so grateful to Chrissy for taking the time out to work so indepth with me.  I am already feeling so much freer and clearer and reaching new levels of awareness.



You have done more for my family and I, in such a short period of time, than most have done in a lifetime. You will always hold a special place in our hearts for this and many other things...You are simply wonderful, inspirational, and amazing. Thank you! For being someone I could look up to , talk to , vent to, share my victories, failures, struggles, and triumphs.

 Thank you for being a mentor and friend. ​

~ SFC, United States Army

Tuscany, Italy, 2017

Chrissy is an amazing person. I had deep seeded trauma that I tried so hard to heal on my own but didn't know how. Chrissy helped me heal my trauma with ease and on the road to feeling deep inner peace and much better equipped to handle trauma that may present itself. If you are going thru life feeling beaten down and broken allow Chrissy to help you, she will change your life.


Thanks Chrissy. It was a privilege to witness you healing a deep-seated trauma in one of my clients by using the Mind Alignment Process as taught by Jeff. It was an extremely powerful healing and this trauma is now completely healed within my client. It was a trauma that wan in her for almost all her life and now she is free. Thanks Chrissy. You've done great and you've make the life of my client significantly better.

~ Fabian

Rijksmuseum, Netherlands 2017