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Intro to LiFTS Chats and M.A.P.

The new group participants introduce themselves and we discuss the LiFTS 5 week program. We talk about the healing journey, experiences, behavior patterns, and the mirror exercise. Jen (Combat Vet) deep dives into an experience from her past that continues to manifest in her current reality. We end the session with a group meditation. 

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Group Chat 2

The group participants shared a bit about their experiences following the individual session work and ultimately worked through aligning the desire to connect at their core. They made new choices to be present, safe within themselves, build relationships and deeply connect at the core. 

Group Chat 3

Group participants go deeper into building a connection within themselves and relationships with others as they break patterns identified in their sessions. We also discuss the importance of making conscious choices on how to use the new energy entering into their systems. We complete the Group Chat with a meditation confirming choices made during the session and intentions moving forward into another healing week! 

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Group Chat 4

Group participants provide updates on their journeys and how their lives have changed and transformed throughout the program! Allison goes deeper into clearing unhealthy relationship patterns and embrace this SIMPLE process! Amanda deep dives into parenthood guilt and heals patterns of judgement based on her new choices in life! 

Group Chat 5

Group participants provides final feedback and updates on their journey as the 5 week program comes to an end. Congratulations to Breann as she moves forward into her Life Purpose Work through sharing her journey online! Chanel works through some blocks of fear in moving forward and Katie shares her joy in life! The class finishes up with a fun card reading! 

Group Chat 6

Today we deep dive into identifying behavior patterns following M.A.P. sessions. Katie and Breann go deeper into healing childhood trauma.

Group Chat 7

Chrissy talks to her new group after individual sessions. Soldiers share their stories and how they are making new choices based on a new awareness of behavior patterns and how their patterns affect their children and families. Ashley, a participant, goes deeper into clearing some anxiety around fear of being attacked. She is courageous in feeling her feelings and making new choices that takes the entire group deeper into into love!

Group Chat 8

Chrissy talks about her experience with this group and the lack of commitment stemming from her failure to discipline the class. As someone who grew up in an abusive home and manifested multiple domestic violence and abusive situations she had associated discipline with abuse. Deep dive with her as the group discusses the difference between discipline and abuse.