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This workshop was inspired by my Spiritual Leaders Jeff and Shaleia. My work is grounded in "The Way" they teach us in Twin Flame Ascension School (TFAS). If you are not a member of TFAS, I highly recommend you start your journey there by investing in yourself today. The suggested reading for this course is Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover by Jeff and Shaleia Ayan

Class # 1: Commitment, Unconditional Love, and Worthiness

And...here we go! In this Core Values Workshop we GET TO WORK! Katie takes us deeper into Commitment, Julia dives us into Unconditional Love, and Blossom moves us into Worthiness. We get down and dirty on the importance of aligning into core values within ultimately resulting in aligning into your true and authentic self!

Class # 2: Commitment Requires Balance

The students chose to Commit to their Life Purpose Journeys. Over the week they got VERY Clear on their Core Value of Commitment and Unconditional Love resulting in MASSIVE upgrades to their Work with God. As they entered into this new level of commitment with God they experienced Love from ALL areas as well as contrast with Confidence, Sharing, and Balance. Join us as we bull-doze through these blocks into Balance and deeper alignment in Love and Peace within. 

Class # 3: Unconditional Love and Trust

Chrissy talks about feeling vulnerable about sharing her LiFTS classes openly and how this leap of faith with God brought her new awareness about her beloved communities at the energetic level. She shares a Letter of Support from a Soldier and the class dives deep into the importance and meaning of unconditional love and support. Carina shares her NEW LOVE LISTS as she calls in the Perfect Twin Flame Coach! God Always Provides! 

Class # 4: Miracles and Revelations

Choosing to Live Your Life Purpose and Claim your power paves the Way to experience Revelations and Manifest Miracles. Everyday should be devoted to Miracles ~ A Course In Miracles. Join the group as we discuss our Life Purpose journeys and align into the truth of living our Dreams from a place of Peace is the Way to cultivating true Divine Power. 

Class # 5: Spiritual Discipline, Balance, and Divine Guidance

How do we accumulate the Divine Power to Manifest Miracles? It is through Divine Guidance, Spiritual Discipline, and Balance. Honoring those that walk the path before you, clears the path to Divine Treasures. Twin Flame Ascension School is the Way to Learning how to Love Yourself and Life Purpose Class is the Way to Learning How to Share Your Love with Others and be completely supported in Giving Your Unique Gifts to the World. These Two Courses by Jeff and Shaleia transformed my Life and are THE WAY to Manifesting your Ultimate Desires.