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Most Recent Class

Class # 1

We start a new series on re-routing our focus to a Path of Peace! Our Lives are a testimony of this work and we share how far we have come in such a short amount of time! The military is supporting bringing MAP to our warriors and Katie is going deeper than ever before in her Life Purpose! Now that the participants are trusting the process - they go deeper into trust and choosing PEACE! 

Class # 2

Chrissy gives an update on her Life Purpose Work and bringing MAP into the Military. The Class does some deep inner work. Ashley works through the fear of being attacked, Katie works through feeling overwhelmed, Chanel works through feeling Ignored, and Ashley shares her successes with a weekend trip with her man and a new job she manifested! Wherever you are on your journey - this group will take you deeper into Love!  

Class # 3

Chrissy shares the importance of inner work and always choosing to move through the fears to take the next step on your Life Purpose. She shares the importance of choosing for your Heart to Lead your Head and to clear any misperceptions or thoughts betraying the love within your heart. Katie takes us on a journey of grounding new awareness through following the energy from receiving guidance to grounding it for manifestation. The teachings today were inspired by Anne and Catrina's Core-Self Awakening Class available at www.thetwinflameway.com 

Class # 4

You can do this work anywhere! There is always a lesson! Carmel and Chrissy go deep as they are both traveling around the world! Chrissy leads Carmel through some deep inner work as she realized a memory that has been haunting her for some time! Join Carmel as she makes new choices on her life purpose path! 

Class # 5

Brittany takes us deeper into love as she conquers her fear and anger with God about being a Lesbian. The class discusses and provides feedback on maintaining presence in order to guide someone to deeper levels of love. 

*I apologize for the video malfunction, half the class did not record. I will add an additional video to this series for any inconvenience. 

Class # 6

Miracles Incoming! Join us as we talk about Miracles!! Chrissy shares her new job that completely supports the M.A.P. research program and gives to everyone around her! Brittany clears some patterns after her healing session last week! We go deeper in sharing the power of finding your true partner in life! And Ashley closes us out with a synchronicity that is worth the wait!! Join us for an epic LiFTS class! 

Class # 7

This week we move forward on breaking old behavior patterns. Chrissy shares a lesson from her Core Awakening Class on choosing to make a new choice and end suffering in life. Chanel works through patterns, Katie goes deeper into her coaching, and everyone chooses love. 

*If you are drawn to meditation and energy healing, I suggest investing in Anne and Catrina's Core Awakening Series at thetwinflameway.com 

Class # 8

This week Chrissy Partners with Katie as she visits her in Italy! Brittany goes deeper into clearing upheaval from last week's session and we receive an update from Carmel as she grounds into her true purpose as a professional athlete. Join us for the ride and saying "Fuck you to Fear"

*If you are drawn to meditation and energy healing, I suggest investing in Anne and Catrina's Core Awakening Series at thetwinflameway.com 

Class # 9

EXTRA CLASS! Due to audio issues, this extra class has come your way! In this final class of the series, Chrissy shares how the path of peace is sometimes not ALL that peaceful! Working through upsets and healing with others most often looks like conflict but aligning into love and choosing the truth is all that matters to find deeper levels of peace within!